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Student Input Necessary to Avoid Finger Pointing

Editorial Board

April 28, 2017

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Following last week’s tuition hikes, the sentiment bears repeating: The administration needs to include students in conversations about major institutional decisions, financial or otherwise. The scenario played out much like similar situations often have in the past. Behind closed doors, administrators privately pivoted in favor of a 2.8-percent tuition hike and higher flat-rate housing and dining costs under the guise of “improving equity.” Students protested, organized events and held meetings about where to go from here as constituents in an institution without adequate representation. Administrators sent emails. And more emails. The justifications for these hikes have largely fallen flat on a student...

City Resolution Counters ‘Guns Everywhere’ Bill

Eliza Guinn

April 15, 2016

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Oberlin City Council fired a warning shot past the Ohio House of Representatives April 4 when they released a resolution opposing House Bill 48. The resolution cited Oberlin’s Bill of Rights and the powers it grants the council to exercise home-rule and self-governance. “The prohibition of the ability of municipalities to determine where a person may carry a concealed handgun within those municipalities has undermined a sense of safety within those communities and has contributed to the accidental injuries to and deaths of innocent persons,” the resolution states. The “Guns Everywhere” Bill, sponsored by Representative Ron Maag, would expand the areas where permit holders could carry concealed guns to...

GovHR to Take Control of City Manager Search

Vergil Demery

February 26, 2016

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Oberlin City Council agreed last week to hire GovHR USA to assist in its search for a permanent city manager. GovHR, a corporate firm based in Northbrook, IL, was chosen over three other applicants to help vet candidates for the position. City Council Member Kelley Singleton cited GovHR’s experience in college towns, specifically Williamstown, MA, and the number of women it employs as reasons for choosing the company. The consulting firm has assisted with similar searches in cities across 22 states. For example, in November of last year GovHR facilitated the hiring of a replacement city manager in Ferguson, MO, after protests and government intervention following the police shooting of Michael Brown. City Council...

Oberlin’s Future Reliant on Changing Status Quo

Bryan Burgess, Councilman

October 30, 2015

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To the Editors: Oberlin has a wonderfully diverse citizenry, and that diversity has been well represented on City Council during my tenure. Members of Council come from an array of backgrounds but work together for a common purpose — the betterment of the Oberlin community. Although we sometimes have differing views, I believe that is preferable to unanimity in groupthink. We have experienced a paradigm shift in terms of the economy, energy and politics such that the previous approaches will only serve to exacerbate our problems. Old Oberlin appreciated sprawl development, relied upon an expanding economy, expected plentiful cheap energy and maintained a general satisfaction with the status quo. This is still a pe...

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