The Oberlin Review

Low-Income Students Tokenized for Oberlin Students’ Benefits

Laura Franco Zapata, Contributing Writer

September 21, 2018

As my fourth and final year of college starts, I’ve been thinking about my time at Oberlin and how blessed I am to have made it this far, as what academia deems an “at-risk” student. Being a low-income and first-generation college student has made my experience at Oberlin differ hugely from that of my affluent peers. Sadly, identities such as low-income are not often talked about, leaving students like myself feeling lonely and misunderstood in a school known to have a generally close-knit community. Perhaps we don’t talk about these issues because the number of low-income students at Oberlin is ridiculously small, or maybe most students just don’t understand what it is like to go through life with worries...

Students Against NEXUS Must Stay Active, Should Refocus

Patrick Wai, Contributing Writer

February 23, 2018

At the town hall meeting Tuesday, the turnout against City Council’s settlement with NEXUS was amazing; not only were all the chairs filled, but students lined the walls with signs in opposition to the settlement. After the Council opened the floor to anyone to speak, numerous townspeople and students lined up to speak against the settlement. Students spoke out against the fatalistic attitude of submitting to NEXUS and reminded the Council that the Oberlin Community Bill of Rights rejects a settlement of this type. I even spoke, which surprised me. After the public opinion section, the Council moved to the vote. Students began chanting, echoing the same sentiments of the public forum; this led councilmembers to leave the ...

Students protested on Wilder Bowl Thursday in favor of adding additional staff to the Office of Disability Resources, among other demands. Tensions flared last month following the unexpected resignation of Interim Director of the ODR Isabella Moreno.

Students Demand More Full-Time ODR Staff, Resources

November 3, 2017

The Office of Disability Resources is searching for a permanent director to fill the position after Isabella Moreno’s abrupt departure in early October. Meanwhile, Assistant Dean Monique Burgdorf has been appointed interim director. Moreno’s departure left the office with no permanent full-time staffers. The office was embroiled in controversy last month after messages circulated on Facebook suggesting that Moreno resigned due to an overwhelming workload. Now that the College has revealed...

Staff, Faculty of Color Stand with Campus Protesters

November 20, 2015

An open letter from staff and faculty of color at Oberlin College and Conservatory: To the students at Missouri State, Yale, Ithaca, Claremont McKenna and elsewhere: As you have raised your voices against racism to demand better, we have been overcome by heartbreak and inspiration. It is heartbreaking that in 2015 Black and other students of color still encounter racial insensitivity, invalidation, intimidation and even violence on the campuses that promised to be enlightened and welcoming places of learning for them. Yet it has been inspiring and humbling to witness your courage and unity in confronting not just your campus cultures but also your most powerful officers to demand accountability for all students. It i...

Alumni Leaders Support Students’ Call for Diversity, Sensitivity

Lorri Olan, Chuck Spitulnik, and Andy Rowan

November 20, 2015

To our friends in the Oberlin community: We are the three officers of the Oberlin Alumni Association and are proud to be part of Oberlin’s long and proud tradition of standing upright and facing issues and challenges related to social justice, racial equality and inclusiveness, broadly defined. We are proud of the role Oberlin has played in defining the country’s consciousness about these issues, from the early days of admitting African-American students and women on a fully equal basis to more recent struggles over wars, civil rights, gender recognition and a variety of important social questions. Oberlinians have always, as First Lady Michelle Obama admonished the Class of 2015 to do, run to the conflict, not away f...

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