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Associate Dean of Students Dana Hamdan explains the Career Communities initiative at an information session Wednesday, Dec. 5 in King Building.

New Career Communities Pilot Announced

December 7, 2018

Associate Dean of Students and Interim Director of the Career Development Center Dana Hamdan unveiled the pilot for the Career Communities program in a series of four information sessions earlier this week and last. The program will launch this spring and will allow roughly 120 juniors and seniors to participate in a one-credit, co-curricular course that culminates in a funded summer internship. “The Career Communities initiative makes it possible for us to address Oberlin’s ‘mi...

College seniors Sadie Keller and Marcus Hill talk in the Career Development Center. The Career Development Center recently launched a series called Career Communities.

Career Center Unveils New Career Strategy

September 14, 2018

The Career Development Center is preparing to implement a new Career Communities Strategy in an effort to help students secure jobs after graduation. The initiative will create communities based on shared fields of interest and will be led by an expert advisor who has experience working in relevant industries. “The Career Communities Strategy … is about helping students make those connections between what they’re studying to potential career industries of interest,” said Lori Young, Director of th...

Post-Graduation Plans Draw Unnecessary Judgment

Editorial Board

April 24, 2015

With the announcement that Michelle Obama will speak at this year’s Commencement, graduation is looking more exciting. But for those of us in the class of 2015, any excitement about accepting a diploma is compounded with anxiety about what comes next. And that’s more than just a question we’re asking ourselves. Parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, professors — they all want to know: “What are you doing after graduation?” While this question is usually motivated by well-meaning curiosity or support, the answer is often an opening for commentary, judgment and unsolicited advice. Students typically respond with one of three answers: either no idea, a half-formed plan of where they’ll live or what...

Richard Berman, director of Career Services, stares contemplatively into the distance during his talk, Zero Bullsh*t: The Truth About Finding a Gig After Oberlin. The administration has recently placed increased emphasis on helping recent Oberlin graduates with their careers.

Seniors Contemplate Life After Oberlin, Career Opportunities

April 10, 2015

Outside Craig Lecture Hall on Thursday, seniors chatted while waiting for the doors of the lecture hall to open for Zero Bullsh*t: The Truth About Finding a Gig After Oberlin, a talk by Career Center Director Richard Berman, one of multiple talks in the Career Center’s Life After Oberlin series. The series is part of the administration’s increased attempts to connect students with career opportunities and comes as seniors are increasingly preoccupied with figuring out what to do after accepting...

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