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Mercy Health Will Merge with Bon Secours Health System by End of Year

Mercy Health Will Merge with Bon Secours Health System by End of Year

March 2, 2018

Mercy Health, the hospital network that operates the Mercy Allen Hospital in Oberlin, is merging with the Bon Secours Health System in a move that would create the fifth-largest Catholic health system in the country. While details such as the leadership and name of the new network are still being negotiated, the merger will be finalized by the end of the year. Maureen Richmond, Senior Director of Integrated Communications for Mercy Allen Hospital, said that the company does not expect the merger to i...

Status Quo Reigns Supreme at Vatican

March 15, 2013

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When Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected pope on Wednesday, the event was hailed as a sign that the Catholic church was finally, mercifully beginning to evolve to reflect the interests of its 21st-century membership. Bergoglio — or Francis I, as he will be known from here on out — is a native of Buenos Aires, making him the first pope not born in Europe in over a millenium. And such a shift is apt, considering that the majority of the world’s Catholics now reside in the global South; in the Church as elsewhere, Europe is losing its supremacy. But before we fall over ourselves congratulating the cardinals on their progressivism, it bears repeating that Bergoglio is hardly a revolutionary choice. Though...

Column on Church Rife With False Dichotomies

David Leach

February 22, 2013

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While Sean Para’s Op-ed piece “Pope’s Resignation May Lead to Reform for Aging Institution” [Oberlin Review, Feb. 15, 2013] raises important critiques of the conservatism and corruption within the governing body of the Catholic Church, Para makes several unwarranted and insensitive generalizations about Catholicism and organized religion. To be clear: I do not consider myself a part of any one organized religion, I am not Catholic and I make no defense of the Vatican’s continued condemnation of birth control and refusal to ordain female priests — not to mention the deplorable matter of clerical sex abuse. The need for reform is clear, but Para takes his argument too far, stating, “The Church and the papacy...

Pope’s Resignation May Lead to Reform for Aging Institution

Sean Para, Columnist

February 15, 2013

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Pope Benedict XVI resigned from the See of Rome last Monday. This is an extraordinary event; the last time a pope resigned was during the 15th-century Council of Constance. Three rivals claimed the papal throne, promoting a schism that had gone on for 50 years. Two popes were deposed and the third resigned to make way for a new one who was acceptable to the various political factions of Christendom. Unlike the early 15th century, the current pope was under no widespread pressure to step down. He simply chose to leave his office, usually held for life like any monarchy, elective or hereditary. There is little precedent for his resignation, which will take effect Feb. 28th. However, the resignation has already touched...

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