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2017 Candidates and Issues: Heather Adelman, Bryan Burgess, Sharon Pearson, and Linda Slocum

Charles Peterson, Associate Professor of Africana Studies

October 27, 2017

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To the Editors: I am writing this letter in support of the candidacies of Heather Adelman, Sharon Pearson, Linda Slocum, and Bryan Burgess for Oberlin City Council. I fortunately have some experience in Oberlin politics, and can honestly say it is at its most effective and most true to the character of the community when it surges forward. Adelman, Pearson, Slocum, and Burgess have shown an investment in new ideas, policies, and directions that open up the lungs of Oberlin, allowing the city to breathe in new opportunities. Every element of their broad, varied, and deep experiences feeds their service and commitment to the rich possibilities of our community. Whether in the areas of sustainable environmental policy, progr...

RECs Resolution Not Based on Compromise

Charles Peterson, Oberlin Resident

April 7, 2017

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To the Editors: As a former member of the Oberlin City Council, I appreciate the effort of The Oberlin Review to report on local community issues, such as last week’s article headlined “Local Petitions Challenge REC Choice Fund Options” (March 31, 2017). However, both the headline and the story miss the point of the petitions. The issue the petitioners want to put on the November ballot is whether 85 percent of the money the City earned from trading its renewable energy certificates should be used for “community-based, utility-related, environmentally-friendly initiatives,” as City Council determined in passing the Sustainable Reserve Program Ordinance in 2007, or instead diverted into an artificial reductio...

Green Energy Credits Should Be Spent Investing in Future

Charles Peterson, Oberlin resident

October 30, 2015

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To the Editors: The Oct. 19 City Council work session [on] Oberlin’s Renewable Energy Credits was a clear demonstration of the differences in vision among Oberlin’s City Council. The issue at hand is what to do with the hundreds of thousands of dollars in green energy credits earned by the city. This was a policy started in earnest in 2007 with City Council’s decision to sell RECs. This initiative is designed to generate revenue to contribute to the expansion of Oberlin’s sustainable energy initiative as members of the Clinton Climate Initiative. Before the Council is a proposal presented by the staff of Oberlin Municipal Light and Power System for a “rebate” back to the average citizen of, at this coun...

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