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Off the Cuff with Judah Friedlander

April 27, 2012

You’ve been doing stand-up since you were 19. Did you ever consider a career outside of comedy? Was there any point in your career where you got tired of it and wanted to quit? If you’re not working on new material, then you can get bored of your act, but I try to always be working on new stuff. Traveling can also get tiring, but comedy is my most favorite thing to do. It’s what I live for. I’ve also done a lot of drama too. … I feel like if you’re involved in art in any form, y...

Horny Piscapo’s Arm Confuses Audiences

Eva Sachs, Staff Writer

April 15, 2011

Filed under ARTS, Theater & Film

Sex, relationships, sex and relationships, drugs, sex, relationships. That basically covers the thematic material covered by last Saturday’s show with sketch comedy group Piscapo’s Arm. Despite the aerial showcase happening upstairs, the show in the Cat in the Cream was well attended. Unfortunately, however, this alternative to watching stunning acrobatic feats resembled the first-year orientation show “The OC” gone horrifically wrong. Before diving into everything that made it painful to sit through, it should be noted that the evening was not entirely dismal; there were, in fact, a few redeeming moments during the show. Take, for example “Connio and Colliette,” a skit satirizing tension between Oberlin’s...

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