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For Student-Athletes, Experiences Navigating Concussions Differ

Graham Armknecht

February 22, 2019

For many student-athletes, concussions are a looming and incessant threat to their athletic endeavors, academic standing, and general well-being. Many Oberlin athletes have a concussion story: a particularly rough collision on the football field, a hit by a lacrosse stick during a skirmish, or an unnatural accident between head and soccer ball. But what is it actually like to have a concussion as a student-athlete? It is nearly impossible to go through the daily tasks required by a college student — such as going to class, doing homework, and maintaining a healthy eating and sleeping schedule — while coping with a head injury. However, some students say their professors are generally accommodating. Col...

Football Faces CTE Epidemic

Julie Schreiber, Sports Editor

September 8, 2017

A concussion crisis is consuming the game of football at every level, from pop-warner to professional nationwide. Football has suffered a major loss of support over the past few years, as disturbing information about the sport’s long-term traumatic effects on the brain has come to light. This decline in support, however, is not due to a drop in fans of professional football. The true threat to the future of football is the loss in youth participation, with parents becoming increasingly eager to pull their children out of the game. Participation in youth football is decreasing across the nation at exponential rates. In the past five years, Michigan has lost 57 high school football teams, California, 28, and Missouri, 2...

Trauma Drama

Sarena Malsin, Sports Editor

September 11, 2015

The best way I can de­scribe a seizure is to com­pare it to a dream where it is absolutely imperative that you move, but despite your most concentrated efforts, you realize with dawning terror and limit­ed consciousness that you have no control over your body. I was concussed when I was 12 years old playing defense in a soccer tour­nament for my premier team. It was an unremark­able play — I, a slightly-built spit of a kid, was steamrolled by an attacker twice my size — but this time, instead of popping back up, I stayed down af­ter my head snapped back to meet the ground. My left arm shot up and stayed there for the dura­tion of the two minutes I was seizing, which, ac­cording to witnesses, was a wildly...

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