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Field Crafts Sensitive Production of ‘Lucretia’

Field Crafts Sensitive Production of ‘Lucretia’

November 20, 2015

Editor’s Note: This article discusses sexual violence and suicide. At the end of the opera The Rape of Lucretia, which the Oberlin Opera Theater and the Contemporary Music Ensemble presented on Nov. 11, 13, 14 and 15, the Female Chorus kneels by Lucretia’s side and mourns her death; Lucretia has committed suicide after being raped by a Roman prince and soldier Tarquinius. The Male Chorus rests a hand on the Female Chorus’ shoulder in an attempt to console her, but she shrugs it away. The s...

CME Performs Concerto for Bassoon and Low Strings

CME Performs Concerto for Bassoon and Low Strings

March 13, 2015

Shouts of “bravo” rang through Warner Concert Hall this past Friday as Conservatory senior and bassoonist Ben Roidl-Ward played the final punctuating notes of Sofia Gubaidulina’s Concerto for Bassoon and Low Strings. The concerto was programmed alongside the remarkably beautiful Snow Requiem by Aaron Helgeson, OC ’05, and Jonathan Harvey’s Wheel of Emptiness. Tim Weiss and the Contemporary Music Ensemble gave one of the most inspiring and stunning concerts of the year. The bassoon is a not ...

Contemporary Music Ensemble Presents Lovable Listening Challenge

Adam Hirsch

September 28, 2012

The conservatory’s Contemporary Music Ensemble is one of the most underappreciated artistic presences on campus in recent years, demonstrating remarkable talent and rigor. Why is such a successful music group overlooked? The vagueness of the term “Contemporary Music” may intimidate or fail to grab the attention of concertgoers; the poor advertising for concerts may keep away potential attendees; or the highly progressive programming might turn off music lovers, who just can’t adjust their ears to the acute sounds of works by composers of the last half-century. Whatever the reason, it seems that — except when the group indulges in relatively popular taste, such as their performance of Steve Reich’s Music...

Contemporary Music Ensemble Attracts New Fans

Sonia Wurzel, Staff Writer

March 18, 2011

One of the best things about coming to Oberlin as an Arts and Sciences student is the opportunity to take advantage of the Conservatory. Not only does the Conservatory give students the chance to take secondary lessons, it also provides the opportunity to hear genres of music that they might not have the chance to experience elsewhere. I had such an experience Friday night in Warner Concert Hall, where the Contemporary Music Ensemble, conducted by Professor of Conducting Tim Weiss, performed three incredibly engaging pieces. The label “contemporary music” encompasses a diverse variety of music that can be applied to anything composed after 1945 that does not adhere to the classical ensemble tradition. The genre...

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