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Cowhaus Creamery Threatens Closure

Cowhaus Creamery Threatens Closure

February 20, 2015

Due to a significant decrease in revenue, Cowhaus Creamery has been forced to consider closing its store. The owners point to the lack of parking caused by the nearby construction of the Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center at the corner of College Street and Main Street as a major reason for this drop in profit. Josef Bomback, OC ’76 and the coowner of Cowhaus, said the store has experienced a 30 percent decrease in revenue compared to the previous three years they have been in business. He said this...

We All Scream Pt. 2: Cowhaus, New Cone on the Block

We All Scream Pt. 2: Cowhaus, New Cone on the Block

September 23, 2011

Last week I sampled both Yesterday’s and Gibson’s ice cream flavors with the hope of choosing a winner. No clear champion emerged, but with the opening of Cowhaus Creamery on Friday, Sept. 16, Oberlin’s newest ice cream shop, perhaps the tie will be broken. Cowhaus, located next to Slow Train Cafe on East College St., is an artisan ice cream parlor that features many local ingredients and bowls and utensils that are 100 percent compostable. The ice cream itself is made just 10 miles away at...

We All Scream Pt. 1: The Best and Worst Ice Cream Flavors in Oberlin

Nancy Roane, Staff Writer

September 16, 2011

Oberlin’s two ice cream mainstays, Gibson’s and Yesterdays, offer the community over 40 ice cream flavors. This weekend, Cowhaus Creamery, a new ice cream shop next to Slow Train Cafe, will open, pushing the flavor spectrum well past 50. What to do when so many choices are presented? The simplest answer is to judge every single one of them. The first day, I traversed Main Street to Yesterdays, a friendly, locally owned establishment that happily accommodated a non-customer who ate roughly a coneful of ice cream (if not more) by the end of the 32-sample extravaganza. After that adventure, I continued on to Gibson’s, a family-owned grocery and deli that serves ice cream among other treats. The staff was a mixed...

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