The Oberlin Review

Asian Food Authenticity Panel Challenges White, API Students

Melissa Harris, Editor-in-Chief

December 1, 2017

Asia Night Market, Oberlin’s annual December tradition where students of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage celebrate their culture and cuisine, will take place tomorrow night in the Root Room of Carnegie Building from 6-8 p.m. The event, this year in its sixth iteration, is one of the only collaborations between many of the API student organizations on campus. These organizations will prepare traditional food from their respective countries of origin in order to share the role food plays in informing their cultural identities with the campus community. In recent years, API students have tried to bridge the gap between consumption and understanding the food served at Asia Night Market by organizing panels, lectures, and...

New Technologies Foster Improved Sensory Experience at Museums

Katie Lucey, Staff Writer

September 8, 2017

For thousands of years, museums have existed as the sole repositories of certain kinds of knowledge and culture. However, in this era of technological innovation and change, the sum of nearly all human knowledge, history, and widespread information can be accessed on the internet. Despite the leaps made by the likes of Google Images, technological innovations do not have to consign museums to obsolescence. New technology that makes art more widespread can raise fears that no one will want to go to physical museums anymore. But a great deal of the technology that raises these fears — such as technology that allows for the reliable, inexpensive replication of artworks — can also be integrated into museum exhibiti...

Lunar New Year Highlights Vietnamese Heritage

Anh Lê

February 27, 2015

To the Editors: My son, Minh-Jeffrey Lê, attends Oberlin College, and was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. I arrived in the United States as a young immigrant child, and grew up mostly in Michigan, and regard myself proudly as a “Midwesterner” and a Vietnamese American. To celebrate the “Tết” Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Asian Lunar New Year), and to welcome the New Spring Season “mùa xuân,” I attended the wonderful “Tết” Festival held in San Francisco recently. It featured beautiful Vietnamese music and delicious Vietnamese foods. Since the end of the war in Vietnam in 1975, the Vietnamese American communities throughout the United States have emerged as a vibrant and increasingly...

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