The Oberlin Review

Dave Zirin Provides Model for Sportswriters By Respecting Intelligence of Sports Fans

Jane Agler, Sports Editor

September 6, 2019

Dave Zirin, political sportswriter and editor for The Nation, spoke at my high school five or six years ago. Since his visit, I’ve found myself reflecting on his words from time to time, especially as I have grown older and begun to pursue sportswriting myself. It is only now, years after seeing him onstage in my high school auditorium, that I’ve come to understand why I found him so memorable. For one thing, I’ll never forget how Zirin had the courage to visit a Chicago high school and explain to its student body why the Chicago Blackhawks are a prime example of racism in sports. He debunked a few myths, such as the idea that the Blackhawks were named after a native tribe when, in fact, they were nam...

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