The Oberlin Review

Students Protest in Wake of A-House Petition

Melissa Harris, Staff Writer

December 12, 2015

Rather than Sunday dinner, student diners at Afrikan Heritage House were met with protestors blocking the entrances. According to members of Oberlin’s Black student union, ABUSUA, as well as other students, the protest was their response to Campus Dining Services’ failure to address their concerns outlined in a petition submitted to the College in late November. A petition protesting both the quality and selection of food options served at Lord-Saunders Dining Hall began circulating on Wednesday, Nov. 18. Students called for CDS to adhere to more traditional meals, including making fried chicken a permanent feature on the Sunday night menu and providing more vegan and vegetarian options. “The food quality at A...

CDS and Students Discuss Cultural Appropriation

Sydney Allen

December 4, 2015

Following claims of Campus Dining Services appropriating traditional Asian dishes, representatives from the South Asian, Vietnamese and Chinese student associations met with CDS to discuss students’ concerns on Wednesday, Nov. 18. The meeting came on the heels of a recent article published by the Review, which critiqued Dascomb Dining Hall’s sushi bar and other interpretations of Asian dishes that many called disrespectful (“CDS Appropriates Asian Dishes, Students Say,” The Oberlin Review, Nov. 6, 2015). “They took us very seriously and were taking notes the whole time,” said Clover Linh Tran, College sophomore and Vietnamese Student Association co-chair, who wrote the original article. “They seemed very...

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