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Russian Documentary Highlights Narrative of Resistance

Julia Peterson, Production editor
February 24, 2017
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The images from Pussy Riot’s protest performances are iconic — women in multicolored balaclavas climbing on top of subway trains and scaffolding or using iconic public places as an impromptu stage, waving flags and smoke flares, playing loud guitar riffs and singing about corruption in the Russia...

Off the Cuff: Joshua Pribanic, Journalist and Filmmaker

Off the Cuff: Joshua Pribanic, Journalist and Filmmaker

Kerensa Loadholt, News editor
April 22, 2016
Filed under Campus News, NEWS, Off the Cuff

Joshua B. Pribanic is a photographer, investigative journalist, artist and filmmaker. He co-founded the Public Herald, an investigative journalism nonprofit, and co-directed the documentary Triple Divide. The film, which was screened last Wednesday as part of the Ecolympics series, covers the water cont...

‘Our Nixon’ Film Provides Glimpse Behind White House Doors

‘Our Nixon’ Film Provides Glimpse Behind White House Doors

Anne Pride-Wilt, Arts Editor
April 4, 2014
Filed under ARTS, Recent Stories, Theater & Film

Documentary films occupy an awkward spot, teetering uncomfortably in the space between art and reality, but not quite at home in either category. Archival documentary, patched together from material already available in a film library or archive, only compounds this difficulty, since the filmmaker does...

Sundance Film Humanizes Late-Term Abortion Seekers

Logan Buckley, Staff Writer
February 21, 2014
Filed under ARTS, Theater & Film

Too often, the heated debate over abortion policies focuses on ambiguous medical arguments about fetal pain or sweeping declarations about morality that ignore the stories of women and other female-bodied individuals who choose to have abortions. In an effort to combat this, Students United for Reproductive...

Established 1874.