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Assistant Professor Aurie Hsu performs a piece to electric drums Thursday evening in Clonick Hall as part of a weekend
celebration of John Talbert’s career.

TIMARA Hosts Expansive Sendoff for John Talbert

March 3, 2017

John Talbert, who for 38 years has run a tight ship as the technical director of the TIMARA department, will retire this spring. The department has organized a weekend festival that kicked off yesterday and will run through Saturday evening to honor his decades behind the scenes, maintaining vintage equipment, keeping the department stocked with the latest and greatest technology, running tech support for events and teaching students integral skills from circuit design to interface building. ...

Panelists discuss diversity in predominantly white, male spaces in the music industry at an event hosted by campusbased
group Femme Artists Breaking Boundaries Thursday afternoon.

Femme Musicians of Color Confront White Male Industry Dominance

February 24, 2017

When people think of electronic music, their minds often go reflexively to a handful of middle-of-the-road, white male DJs and producers such as Diplo, Calvin Harris or David Guetta. One group on Oberlin’s campus, Femme Artists Breaking Boundaries, founded last year by College juniors Rayna Holmes and Hannah Halpern, is looking to subvert the norms of electronic music culture by showcasing women, people of color and queer people who are doing innovative work in the field. According to the gro...

Electronic Musician and College junior Rachel Katz recently released her second EP.

On the Record with Rachel Katz, Electronic Musician

April 8, 2016

Rachel Katz, who makes music as Xuan Rong, is a junior Computer Science major from New York who released her second EP, Bushka, in March. Her first album, Myria, was released in May 2015. She has performed live at Sidewalk Café and Pianos in New York City. The Review sat down with Katz to discuss the inspirations behind her latest release, her involvement in the TIMARA program and the intersectionality between computer science and music production. Katz will perform live at Clubhaus on Saturd...

Detroit house music producer Mike Huckaby DJs at the ’Sco last Saturday. Both Huckaby and Japanese electronic musician Soichi Terada, for whom Huckaby opened, kept attendees dancing with lengthy but entertaining sets.

Terada, Huckaby Versatile in Lengthy Electronic Sets

February 19, 2016

Soichi Terada is best known for scoring classic video games like Ape Escape, but no one would have ever guessed that based on the sheer amount of energy and dancing at the ’Sco during his set last Saturday. The Tokyo electronic musician proved that his production and DJ skills extend far beyond the world of gaming. He had just about every audience member in an especially packed ’Sco jumping and cheering as if they were at a mainstream electronic dance music show. After a lengthy — yet cons...

Brooklyn Electronic Act Interrupts Busy Schedule for Intimate Performance

Mohit Dubey

February 6, 2015

The Latin American rhythms and ethereal electronics of Helado Negro will fill the Cat in the Cream this Saturday. Armed with a laptop, a keyboard and smooth vocals in both Spanish and English, Helado Negro, the stage name of Brooklyn-based musician Roberto Carlos Lange, will perform songs from his catalog and his most recent record, Double Youth. College sophomore Josh Goodman described the entrancing, bass-heavy act as “Beach House meets Flying Lotus.” Helado Negro’s set is sure to be one of the more laid-back concerts to take place at Oberlin this semester. Helado Negro’s music is defined by a melding of cultures. Born in Florida to Ecuadorian parents, Lange began experimenting with a fusion of tropical...

Electronic musical talent Travis Stewart, also known as Machinedrum, uses a soundboard to produce a pulsating tempo. While the South Carolina native appeared excited to perform for Oberlin students Wednesday evening, the ’Sco crowd seemed to be longing instead for a final Splitchers.

Unusual Crowd Turns Out for Machinedrum

December 12, 2014

A surprisingly elderly crowd equipped with e-cigs and beat-up jean jackets casually awaited Travis Stewart’s ’Sco appearance, most with a brew in hand. The 32-year-old electronic music producer, known as Machinedrum, arrived in Oberlin last Wednesday night and immediately deemed the town of Oberlin “cute” to his 40,000 Twitter followers. Machinedrum’s ’Sco debut apparently marked the North Carolina native’s first trip to Ohio. Nonetheless, he did not seem out of place with his ragtag...

Electronic music artist SOPHIE incited headbanging and fist-pumping in Friday night’s ’Sco crowd. The British producer’s sound differed from many other established electronica acts.

Despite Lack of Stage Presence, SOPHIE Entertains

November 14, 2014

Three spotlights illuminated the ’Sco stage Friday evening as British music producer and electronic musician SOPHIE performed to a vibrant crowd. SOPHIE’s stage was equipped with a single table and three mixing pads, yet the simplicity of the scene was hardly a reflection of the audience’s wild reaction to his performance. In the ’Sco vicinity, already full of assorted chatter, singing and dancing, the mass of people chanting “SOPHIE” illustrated the level of excitement among the crowd. SOPHIE...

Lorely Rodriguez, a.k.a. Empress Of, performs at the Cat in the Cream last Sunday. She encouraged her audience to dance before launching into her program, during which she electronically altered the timbre of her voice to suit her selections.

Empress Of Engages Crowd Despite Weak Vocals

November 7, 2014

Singer-songwriter and producer Lorely Rodriguez entranced concertgoers last Sunday at the Cat in the Cream. Onstage she calls herself Empress Of, and though she routinely performs with her band, Rodriguez is the singular mind behind the music. Her debut EP Systems, released in April of 2013, drew artistic acclaim with its hazy electronic sound. Now with last year’s release, “Realize You,” her sound has evolved into more conventional pop. About 30 minutes past the scheduled show time, on...

Eubanks Traces, Explores Unconventional Sounds

Liam McLean, Staff Writer

September 19, 2014

Bryan Eubanks, despite what some listeners may assume, does not aim to transgress. His intention is not to push boundaries. Instead, he describes his development as an electronic artist as an organic evolution from his original work with acoustic instruments — primarily the soprano saxophone — to his current style, an elusive concoction of trance-like electronics, integrated acoustic sounds and ambient noise. Beginning at 8 p.m., Fairchild Chapel’s resonant dome became an echo chamber for a zealous hubbub of around 30 students. Two tables supported an eclectic array of electronic instruments. The front table was reserved for Eubanks and boasted an open-feedback synthesizer, a computer for samples and a transducer,...

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