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Controversial Band to Combine Disparate Styles

Controversial Band to Combine Disparate Styles

April 10, 2015

“Some people think the record is a joke,” Liturgy frontman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix said of his band’s just-released third album, The Ark Work, in an email to the Review. “Others describe it using phrases like ‘mad genius,’ ‘masterpiece,’ ‘ahead of its time’ and so on. This is certainly the type of record that is aiming for that type of status, for better or for worse.” Liturgy will likely perform cuts from the album at the ’Sco this Saturday at 10 p.m, giving attendees a chanc...

Lopatin’s Electronic Textures Undanceable Yet Enjoyable

Steve Goodwin

April 11, 2014

Reconstructing electronic music live can be a tricky proposition. Often what sounds great in the studio can’t be recreated on a stage, disappointing eager audiences. In the wake of the release of his album R Plus Seven last fall, electronic musician Daniel Lopatin, known by the stage name Oneohtrix Point Never, came to perform at the ’Sco last Saturday, and he was mostly free from the usual pitfalls. Lopatin is known for making harsh, weird and yet often surprisingly beautiful music, so it was difficult to know what to expect from a live performance. The venue was packed with curious students forgoing usual weekend partying for a night of uniquely undanceable music. Fortunately, those who came expecting a stra...

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