The Oberlin Review

Students Should Prioritize Career Prep

Editorial Board

November 16, 2018

Editor’s note: Editors-in-Chief Sydney Allen and Nathan Carpenter are both student leaders in the newly-created SOAR program, which is discussed in this editorial. An anecdote floating around campus recently tells the story of a Google executive who supposedly said that Oberlin students make for some of the best employees, but some of the worst interviewees. This story, whether true or not, reflects a kind of dual truth: Oberlin students are creative, innovative, and have a lot to offer, but often struggle to make themselves attractive to employers. Subsequently, Oberlin students lag behind students at comparable institutions in finding full-time work following graduation. This observation suggests a failure ...

Career Center Unveils New Career Strategy

Career Center Unveils New Career Strategy

September 14, 2018

The Career Development Center is preparing to implement a new Career Communities Strategy in an effort to help students secure jobs after graduation. The initiative will create communities based on shared fields of interest and will be led by an expert advisor who has experience working in relevant industries. “The Career Communities Strategy … is about helping students make those connections between what they’re studying to potential career industries of interest,” said Lori Young, Director of th...

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