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Jake Hochendoner describes his venture, Aerial Agents, at the LaunchU Pitch Competition on Saturday. The Competition gave aspiring Oberlin entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their ideas to alumni judges.

Competitors Pitch Business Ideas at LaunchU

February 6, 2015

Twenty teams of aspiring student and alumni entrepreneurs competed for $50,000 in investment money at the third annual LaunchU Pitch Competition held last Saturday. The competition was the culmination of the 2015 LaunchU Winter Term program, during which the teams honed their business plans, perfected their pitches and listened to speakers brought in by LaunchU. “It was pretty rigorous — nine-to-five every day, including Saturdays — so it was like a job,” said Minh-Jeffrey Lê, a third-year...

Off the Cuff: Dean Ginsberg, OC ‘12 and Program Associate for Creativity and Leadership

September 13, 2013

How do you think Oberlin prepares students for entrepreneurial adventures? In the past year there’s been this thing called LaunchU which is a Winter Term program that [was] created by members of alumni who are on the College president’s advisory council.  The notion was basically to bolster entrepreneurship in Oberlin because there really wasn’t that much while kids were in school. So LaunchU acts as an incubator; it takes place over Winter Term––last year was the first time that happened––and that program is amazing. They bring in lawyers and people who are in marketing and different entrepreneurs to come and speak and they basically give you a crash course on business. You have to apply with your o...

North Coast Toast Truck Opens for Business

Madeline Stocker, News Editor

September 6, 2013

A locally owned food truck is taking root in Oberlin this semester, providing college and community members with a quick and easy means to grab a meal on the go. The truck, dubbed “North Coast Toast,” is owned and operated by College third-years Casey Silverstein, Jeremy Reimnitz and Evan Zierk. After a boisterous launch party last Saturday — boasting both a Jacuzzi and fifty-foot-long line for grilled cheese — North Coast Toast has already made a name for itself. The three owners invited both college and community members, an indication that the truck will prove to  be a culinary resource for all. North Coast Toast was initially conceived during an Entrepreneurship Winter Term project. Both Silverstein...

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