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College third-year Evelyn Morrison, fourth-year Georgie Johnson, first-years Lena Golia and Emmacate Sauer, and second-year Analise LaRiviere in a piece choreographed by visiting artist Krystal Butler.

Krystal Butler Choreographs Dance with Oberlin Students

November 8, 2019

Six figures in electric blue shorts huddle in a circle on the smooth wooden stage, their arms held tightly around each other. Walking clockwise, their circle begins to spin, whirling faster and faster until every other dancer is able to lift off the ground. Supported on the shoulders of their peers, their legs spiral outwards, and the circle blooms like a parachute with air. Just as suddenly, they land and careen to separate ends of the room, the circle dispersing into blue light.  The moment is one among many delightful experi...

Fall Forward Highlights Vulnerability, Dynamism in Student Dance

Kate Fishman, Staff Writer

November 10, 2017

What comes out of a showcase of auditioned dance works with no theme or specified criteria other than a vision, a faculty advisor, and the ability to be performance-ready by a certain date? Last week, from Nov. 2–4, the 2017 Fall Forward performance featured eight pieces — seven student-choreographed and one by a faculty member — that answered this question with dynamism, variety, artistry, and integrity. “It was a lovely group of students,” Director and Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Holly Handman-Lopez said. “It was a delight to sort of shepherd it forward. It was very satisfying to see the growth that happened from auditions to rough run to technology to the performance.” While the pieces explored diverse idea...

Complex Questions Drive Choreography at Intimate Fall Forward

Vida Weisblum, Editor-in-Chief

November 4, 2016

Last night commenced Fall Forward, the Dance department’s premiere production that takes place every November. In past iterations, Fall Forward has boasted lengthy setlists with large group pieces, but this year, under Professor Carter McAdams’ direction, the show will include smaller works by just seven choreographers and will run for two consecutive nights rather than the typical three. Despite its shorter runtime compared to past shows — 45 minutes without intermission — the presented material will showcase an extensive breadth of styles composed by a talented roster of artists, with performances tonight and tomorrow at 7 p.m. “Last year, many of Oberlin’s student dancers and choreographers graduated, a...

College senior Jesse Weiner’s artful “Jimi To Nami” seamlessly blended traditional taiko music and striking lines. The dancers’ technical skill and the musicians’ precision were equally compel- ling in Fall Forward’s final performance.

Fall Forward Loses Quirkiness, Gains Cohesion

November 14, 2014

Oberlin’s annual Fall Forward dance show is reputed as a spectacular display of the diverse range of movement and innovation within the Dance department; this year’s performance was no exception. Performances of Fall Forward ran last Friday and Saturday evenings in Warner’s historic main space and featured a variety of works composed and performed primarily by Dance majors and minors. Though this year’s show lacked some of the quirkiness of previous dance showcases, the lineup proved cohesive...

College junior Julie Garber's

Fall Forward Showcases Strong Technique, One-note Style

November 9, 2012

After the three-act-long Spring Back performance of spring 2012, last weekend’s Fall Forward was concise and to the point. The Dance department’s showcase, which ran from Nov. 8 through Nov. 10, was an hour-long show consisting of short, 5–8 minute pieces, and its lighting, sound and stage managing went off without a hitch. This made for good pacing — there was no time for the audience to get too caught up in any unequally long dance. In some ways the pieces, many of which explored si...

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