The Oberlin Review

Now Six Years Old, Feveband Continues to Thrive

Meghan Farnsworth and Will Rubenstein

February 24, 2012

The student-driven musical collective known as Feveband has been an Oberlin staple since 2006. It serves as an experimental ground where musicians of both the College and Conservatory unite and push themselves in directions where musical academia has not taken hold. It has been handed down as a tradition to new generations of Oberlin musicians, and while its participants may change annually, its values, musical experimentation, student drive and originality remain. The original Feveband, led by saxophonist Noah Bernstein-Hanley OC ’06, also featured guitarist Rafiq Bhatia, OC ‘10 bassist Christopher Mees, OC ’09, and drummer Alex Ritz. At first, the musicians featured the music of a different composer each week,...

Moffitt Woos Feve Crowd

Will Roane, Staff Writer

December 11, 2009

The stars in the Oberlin sky shone brightly onto a chilly South Main Street on Sunday as jazz vocalist Nina Moffitt, OC ’09, set up her amplifier to play a special show with Feveband at The Feve. After sorting through some feedback from her microphone, she and Feveband played two diverse and radiant sets, filled with classic jazz standards made all the more vital by distinctive arrangements by Moffitt and College senior and Feveband leader Rafiq Bhatia, as well as some staggering Feveband originals. The night began quietly, with Feveband’s interpretation of “Equinox” by John Coltrane seeming to summon people from their textbooks and papers. The slightly empty bar suddenly filled and bustled by the time...

Aakash Mittal and Feveband Push Jazz Boundaries

Will Roane, Staff Writer

December 4, 2009

Under the dim illumination of a bare lightbulb in the corner of the bar upstairs at The Feve on Sunday, Nov. 22, Feveband and special guest saxophonist Aakash Mittal began their first set with an erratic melody, jerking and bobbing to the rhythms as fingers flew to get to the notes on time. Throughout the night, the band amazed a crowd of College and Conservatory students alike with music that eschewed classification, with each band member offering a musical palette that seemed to at once remind one of home and of places never seen or heard. With songs highlighting thework of distinctive Asian-American composers as well as Mittal himself, the music on display at this particular show was certainly eclectic, if not...

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