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Ruby Ibarra, Rapper

Ruby Ibarra, Rapper

April 27, 2018

Ruby Ibarra is a rapper based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Born in the Philippines, Ibarra immigrated to the United States when she was 4 years old in the 1990s. Growing up, she was introduced to hip hop by listening to rappers like Tupac, Eminem, and Wu Tang Clan. Ibarra started rapping as a teenager, and is known for her sharp lyricism and rhythmic flows. In 2010, she started releasing YouTube videos, which have since been featured in XXL Magazine and Worldstar Hip Hop. Her debut mixtape, Los...

Political Face-Offs Supersede Philippine Drug Crisis

Melissa Harris, Production Editor

September 9, 2016

Filed under Commentary, OPINIONS

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte brought his nation into the international spotlight this week by slandering U.S. Presi­dent Barack Obama, calling him a “son of a whore.” I am hugely disheartened by Duterte’s justification of his attack on the U.S. presi­dent, as well as Obama’s response of cancel­ling his meeting with Duterte. Obama was supposed to meet with Duterte Tuesday in Laos to discuss drug-re­lated extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. When Duterte was running for president, he made a promise to eradicate both drug deal­ers and users in his country. Since his inau­guration June 30, over 2,400 people have been killed by extrajudicial means, which means that governmental authorities have...

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