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Gear Co-op Combines Music, Fundraising in 4th Festival

Daniel Markus, Arts and Culture editor

May 5, 2017

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In spring 2015, the Oberlin College Gear Co-op, then still a fledgling organization with little more than a few beat-up drum sets and some old amps, hosted the first edition of Gear Fest, a mammoth day-long festival that featured 22 different acts at two different locations. The event has since been enshrined as a biannual staple of the Gear Co-op, which will host the fourth edition of Gear Fest tomorrow. “I think the first year it was in someone’s backyard, and was just a really great, fun way to close out the year,” College sophomore and Gear Co-op head Cena Loffredo wrote in an email to the Review. The Gear Co-op itself was formed as a solution to a common problem for musicians on campus — practice spac...

Gear Co-op Leadership Resembles Totalitarian Regime

Nate Sher, Contributing Writer

March 6, 2015

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If you haven’t already heard the noise, the Gear Co-op — a student organization committed to providing non-Conservatory musicians with access to rehearsal space and musical equipment — has hatched. After months of labor, the group has finally requisitioned its fruit, the Wilder 404 practice room, and throngs of musically minded students are flocking to get a slice. As the group grows and its resources get more widely distributed, more and more labor must be expended to secure its survival, protect its quality and serve its members. To those ends, the group has put in place a powerful bureaucracy. Out of the group’s total membership of 70 and counting, nearly 20 of them hold elected office. While on the surface,...

Co-op Provides Accessible Practice Area, Equipment

Laura Paddock

November 7, 2014

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A single drumstick impales the scuffed ceiling of the windowless and empty Wilder 404. The room, however, will not be empty for long. Beginning this semester, room 404 will house the Gear Co-op, a cooperative dedicated to providing musical equipment and practice space for students who would otherwise not have access to these resources. “We hope to ... create a space that would promote musical growth and development among the student body, specifically to those who are disenfranchised by their inability to bring, [for example], their drum kit to the school,” said College sophomore and co-op member Julian Geltman. “It’s a really slow process. We’re still in our foundation, taking baby steps.” ...

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