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Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Mark Key Step Forward

El Wilson, Opinions Editor

February 23, 2018

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The new gender-neutral bathrooms around campus are a triumph of student activism. Last semester, I was thrilled to receive an email from Title IX Coordinator and Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Rebecca Mosely asking if I would like to participate in a meeting about designating more bathrooms in academic buildings as gender neutral. For years, transgender students have protested the lack of accessible bathrooms around campus. There were many buildings on campus, including Stevenson Dining Hall and King Building, that didn’t have a single gender-neutral bathroom. Although Oberlin’s policy states that students can use whatever bathroom fits their gender identity best, this still makes many bathrooms inac...

Bibbins Renovations Add Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Bibbins Renovations Add Gender-Neutral Restrooms

March 3, 2017

Though all of Oberlin’s dormitories contain gender-neutral bathroom facilities, many academic buildings have lagged in adding such spaces. is summer, renovations to Bibbins Hall, the Conservatory’s primary building, will address students’ concerns with the installation of gender-neutral bathrooms. Conservatory students, namely junior Zoe Cutler and sophomore William Adams, consulted Title IX coordinators in fall 2015 about the absence of neutral facilities in Bibbins. Renovations that took...

Students Advocate for More Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Students Advocate for More Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

September 30, 2016

When Conservatory students William Adams and Zoe Cutler brought up the lack of gender-neutral bathrooms in the Conservatory last year to Title IX coordinators, the initial feedback gave them hope. Administrators said they would consider making additional gender-neutral bathrooms a component of last summer’s renovations to Bibbins Hall’s first floor, Cutler, a junior, and Adams, a sophomore, returned this fall to find the situation unchanged. “One of the big things that seemed obvious...

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