The Oberlin Review

Obies: Too Progressive for Our Own Good

The Editorial Board

March 4, 2011

Last Wednesday, noted feminist and progressive activist Gloria Steinem came to speak at Oberlin as a part of our Convocation series. The Editorial Board applauds Steinem and her contributions to promoting women’s rights and addressing various forms of discrimination. Reflecting on her talk, however, we found that her ideas and points were hardly revolutionary; in fact, Steinem’s brand of feminism and the values she expounds seemed dated in relation to the strongly liberal ideas commonplace at Oberlin College. Steinem and her rhetoric are a time capsule, a peek into a time when women were married with kids by their early 20s and only men could pursue a lucrative career. Her brand of feminism predates even Bett...

Steinem Speaks on Forty Years of Feminism

Beatrice Rothbaum, Editor-In-Chief

March 4, 2011

Gloria Steinem arrived in Oberlin in style on Wednesday, urging students toward direct action and offering aspiring activists, organizers and those hungry for change a glimpse of what half a century of relentless advocacy and activism could accomplish. On Wednesday night, Steinem delivered the second convocation of the semester as part of Oberlin’s celebration of Women’s History Month. It was Steinem’s second appearance on the stage of Finney Chapel — in 1972 she spoke there with Margaret Sloan on the topics of racism and sexism. “Ms. Steinem has played and continues to play an integral role in the struggle in America and around the world for women’s rights and human rights,” said President Marvin...

Reflections on Gloria Steinem: Feminism Struggles Against All Oppression

Katy MceGhee and Shannon Ikebe

March 4, 2011

Gloria Steinem has reminded us of why we are feminists, and why everyone should be. Feminism, she has passionately appealed to us, is about us all, about the very nature of the society which we are continually in the process of creating and recreating. It is our duty (and our joy!) to use the tools and values of feminism, which both draw from and contribute to all other struggles against oppression — based on class, race, sexuality and gender identity. It is our duty to be constantly inspired and self-reflective, allowing us to understand and combat what we are otherwise compelled by oppressive forces to be and to do. Being a student at a politically progressive institution, you may have heard about the patriarchy....

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