The Oberlin Review

Oberlin Students Should Consider Decreasing Meat Consumption

Haven King-Nobles, College Senior

April 5, 2019

Imagine a world identical to ours, except for one aspect: No one eats meat. For whatever reason, however, billions of farm animals — many not unlike our pets — are still raised in horrific and unnatural conditions and then slaughtered after a few months. In this world, nothing is done with the meat these animals produce. It is simply thrown out. I think most of us have the intuition that such a world would be a moral atrocity. But how different is that world from our own, especially given that we waste roughly 40 percent of our food anyway? Does our demand for cheap meat — particularly from affluent households in affluent countries — justify the cruelty of factory farming? Roughly 70 billion land animals...

College junior Haven King-Nobles and College sophomore Leo Hochberg protest outside Oberlin’s McDonalds as part of a nationwide movement against the chain.

College Students Join McDonald’s Boycott

May 4, 2018

Members of Oberlin Animal Rights held a two-hour protest and posted flyers outside Oberlin’s North Main Street McDonald’s Monday to protest inhumane animal conditions and food sourcing as part of a nationwide campaign against the franchise. Although OAR’s effort was a small, three-person protest, the national mission of the campaign is to exert pressure on McDonald’s and convince the chain to adopt stricter regulations for suppliers in their treatment of chickens. “We’re working in conjunction with...

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