The Oberlin Review

Speaker Rey Cordova, HIV-Positive Since Birth, Gives Face to HIV/AIDS

Fajer Saeed

December 11, 2009

As someone who was born HIV-positive, Rey Cordova has spent his entire life dealing with the stigma of HIV/ AIDS. Last Friday, Cordova, 29, gave a talk titled “Growing Up Positive: A Young American’s Lifetime with HIV” at Wilder as the concluding event of World Aids Week at Oberlin. Approximately 30 people attended the talk, which was sponsored by the Center for Leadership in Health Promotion, AIDS4Reel and the HIV Peer Testers. When he was a child, Cordova and his parents kept the disease secret from their friends and neighbors, telling people that Cordova had cancer. Cordova explained, “I didn’t want to be the dirty kid, or the kid with dirty parents, and so when I missed school, I told people it was a...

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