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A Look Behind the Scenes: Choreographing Physical Intimacy

A Look Behind the Scenes: Choreographing Physical Intimacy

September 13, 2019

 As a younger actor, I remember times when I sat across from the actor playing my romantic interest, each of us stumped by the next line in the script: “The two share a passionate kiss.”  “Let’s skip that part,” I’d suggest, timidly. While it’s possible to side-step around this stage direction for the first few weeks of rehearsal, the moment inevitably comes when the intimate scene must get staged. In my experience, what follows has ranged from giggling teenage awkwardness t...

Fall Forward Highlights Vulnerability, Dynamism in Student Dance

Kate Fishman, Staff Writer

November 10, 2017

What comes out of a showcase of auditioned dance works with no theme or specified criteria other than a vision, a faculty advisor, and the ability to be performance-ready by a certain date? Last week, from Nov. 2–4, the 2017 Fall Forward performance featured eight pieces — seven student-choreographed and one by a faculty member — that answered this question with dynamism, variety, artistry, and integrity. “It was a lovely group of students,” Director and Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Holly Handman-Lopez said. “It was a delight to sort of shepherd it forward. It was very satisfying to see the growth that happened from auditions to rough run to technology to the performance.” While the pieces explored diverse idea...

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