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Campus Housing Announcements Spark Student Confusion, Frustration

Nathan Carpenter, Editor-in-Chief

April 15, 2020

Students remaining in College-owned housing were left confused and frustrated last week after receiving a pair of email communications — the first from the Office of Residential Education and the second from President Carmen Twillie Ambar — regarding potential changes to their living situations. The emails came after most students were required to vacate campus housing last month in response to the COVID-19 pandemic; students who stayed on campus went through a petition process in order to do so. On Tuesday, April 7, ResEd informed students in campus housing that they should start packing up their belongings in order to be “consolidated” into South, Langston, or Noah Halls beginning Friday, April 17. The ro...

Zechiel House will transition into a first-year residence hall in fall 2019.

Residential Education To Reorganize Dorm Arrangements

April 26, 2019

The Office of Residential Education is planning to introduce a series of changes to the nature of living spaces over the next five years in hopes of increasing programming, faculty integration, and feelings of community. As of next year, Zechiel House will become a First-Year Residential Experience dorm, Barnard House will hold the Sci-Fi themed halls currently located in North Hall, and Noah Hall will be a designated substance-free and quiet space which was previously located in Barnard. During this time of ...

College junior Cat Robinson, College first-year Lily Lansdell, and College junior Katherine Carson baking late at night in the Pyle Co-op kitchen.

OSCA and College Discuss Future Partnership

April 5, 2019

Oberlin College and the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association have begun the process of collaboratively discussing the terms of the financial relationship between the College and OSCA, which feeds 590 students and houses 180. These conversations were prompted by data revealed by the Academic and Administration Program Review steering committee, which identified that the College loses $1.9 million in annual revenue through its relationship with OSCA. While AAPR leadership has emphasized the $1.9 million...

Residents Look to Form Community Land Trust

Nathan Carpenter, Editor-in-Chief

February 22, 2019

A coalition of Oberlin residents and business leaders is in the process of forming a local community land trust with the goal of increasing housing affordability and community investment in Oberlin. A CLT is a way for a group of stakeholders to acquire different properties in their community and assume stewardship responsibilities for them. While the CLT manages the land, residents still purchase or rent their homes. At its core, the model is meant to promote community land ownership. According to Marge Misak, a Cleveland-based independent land trust consultant, CLTs generally promote housing affordability. “Community land trusts fundamentally are a way for a community to control land for community uses and...

ResEd Responsible for Students’ Sense of Safety in Living Spaces

Editorial Board

April 15, 2016

As in semesters past, the northeast wing of South Hall’s second floor — a space the Office of Residential Education has designated “all female” — is reserved for female students in search of peace of mind and a safe haven from a patriarchal campus and society. At the beginning of this module, without prior warning or a clear reason, ResEd decided to place four cis male students into a vacant quad on the same hall. While the men have been respectful of the shared space, they should have been placed in rooms elsewhere. College sophomore Alana Sheppard, along with her roommate and floormates who deliberately sought asylum on the floor for personal reasons, are now left feeling unsafe in their own livin...

College sophomore and Student Senator Jesse Docter listens at the trustee forum on Thursday night. The forum included discussion of divestment and student input in decision making.

Students to Trustees: We’re Not Being Heard

December 4, 2015

With final exams looming and fall semester coming to a close, the Board of Trustees-Student forum in King Hall on Thursday night was sparsely attended. Still, students and trustees engaged in discourse about increasing support for international students and students of color, the status of fossil fuel divestment proposals, improving campus services and several other prominent issues. The Steering Committee released a new draft of the Strategic Plan in late October, a document intended to guide th...

Demystifying Off-Campus Housing

Abby Hawkins, News Editor

September 16, 2011

Numbers Game According to Molly Tyson, Associate Dean and Director of Residential Education, over the last fifteen years the College has gradually decreased the number of students living off campus as a response to frequent reports of absentee landlords and unsafe living conditions in off-campus houses. While some 34 percent of students once lived off-campus, that number has since been reduced to approximately 13 percent. “The College decided to focus more on its role as a residential liberal arts campus. … It’s been a slow process over a very long period of time,” Tyson said. Tyson pointed to the variety of Village housing options as an example of how this transition still allows students a range of livin...

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