The Oberlin Review

Following Quillen’s Appointment, College Must Pursue Similar Stability

Editorial Board

December 13, 2019

 At this crucial moment in Oberlin’s history, we need a seasoned captain at the helm of the ship. Particularly, at a time when significant changes are being instituted to improve the functioning of the College, we need all the stability we can get.  Until recently, both the College of Arts and Sciences and the Conservatory have been entrenched in a hiring search for their respective deans. The hiring committee for the Dean of the Conservatory concluded its national search for a suitable candidate, which began in May of this year. The hiring committee for the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences also began earlier this semester and is currently on-going.  The Conservatory has proven that promoting stability ...

One Oberlin Implementation Compromises Catholic Values

Claudia Baker, OC ’19 and Thomas Valle-Hoag, OC ’19

October 4, 2019

 Many voices have already spoken up regarding the austerity measures recommended by the Academic Advising Program Review steering committee, an effort now known as One Oberlin. In the interest of highlighting a plurality of views on the subject, we want to speak against the austerity measures as Catholic alumni and former community members of Oberlin College. We do not claim to have all the answers and we certainly don’t claim to be experts in economics. We want to speak out from a moral and ethical perspective, supported by the social teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. It is a well-established axiom in the social teachings of the Church that the economically disadvantaged among us deserve, and are indeed entitled ...

SPIDIE Issues Recommendations on School Diversity

Louis Krauss, News editor

April 7, 2017

Looking to revamp the College’s policies on diversity requirements, the Strategic Plan Implementation Committee for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, or SPIDIE, will present its recommendations to general faculty for approval Wednesday. The hope is that administrators will begin discussing the recommendations if general faculty groups respond positively at Wednesday’s meeting, but SPIDIE members remain unsure if that will happen. This early draft of recommendations outlines, in broad terms, how the school can increase compositional diversity in the student body and faculty in upcoming years, as well as how to better support marginalized groups on campus. Some significant changes proposed include hiring a chief diversit...

Implementation Committees Address Strategic Plan

Oliver Bok and Eliza Guinn

September 9, 2016

Implementation committees for the Strategic Plan have started meeting. That much is clear. Everything else — from who is on the implementation committees to how the implementation committees will interact — is far more obscure. The process is byzantine, but the stakes are high. The Strategic Plan is intended to guide the Board of Trustee’s decisions for the next five-ten years. Among other proposals, the plan recommends developing “theme-based course clusters,” creating a new advising system and increasing diversity in both the faculty and student body. The plan advises “analyzing current operational and capital expenditures, determining appropriate tradeoffs, and reallocating resources.” Implementation comm...

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