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Nusha Martynuk, Choreographer

December 1, 2017

Nusha Martynuk has taught at Oberlin since 1988, when she and her husband, Carter McAdams, joined the dance faculty. She completed her undergraduate degree at Temple University and was a member of Zero Moving Company, the CETA-funded Artists’ Project in NYC, and the Nikolais Dance Theatre. She and McAdams founded Partners Dance Company together. As listed in the program for CHANT — her upcoming and final show at Oberlin with her husband before their retirement — Martynuk has received nume...

Feature Photo: Ray of Sunshine

Feature Photo: Ray of Sunshine

March 4, 2016

Sunshine Scouts members and College juniors Jesse Arnholz, left, Jesi Gaston and Harley Foos strike a comedic pose. Audience members received the Sunshine Scouts, Oberlin’s only musical long-form Improv troupe, enthusiastically last night during its show at Warner Center. College sophomores Zoe Kushlefsky and Daniel Cramer and College first-years Imke Hart and Brian Weaver also performed with Arnholz, Gaston and Foos. Sunshine Scouts staged a monoscene, or an approximately 30-minute long, rea...

Feature Photo: Parents Weekend Improv Showcase

Feature Photo: Parents Weekend Improv Showcase

November 13, 2015

College senior James Koblenzer (center) gestures toward College senior Ben Hyams (far left) alongside fellow Kid Business members College senior Annie Peskoe (left), College first-year Jon Krakaur and College sophomore Max Freiman. Kid Business, Oberlin’s short-form improv troupe, teamed up with two long-form troupes, Primitive Streak and Sunshine Scouts, for the Parents Weekend Improv Showcasepalooza at the Cat in the Cream Friday, Nov. 6. The show was well-received by parents and students alike....

Sexual Innuendo Drives Piscapo’s Arm Debut

Sophie Kemp

September 11, 2015

“We sometimes get offensive, so if we do, you can throw a Cat cookie at us — preferably at the mouth region,” a member of Piscapo’s Arm informed the audience gathered at the Cat in the Cream last Friday. No Cat cookies were thrown, but the troupe stayed true to its message and presented a show that perfectly satirized sexually-fueled tensions at Oberlin, for which the show was named. Piscapo’s Arm’s Sexual Tension show was the first of the semester for Oberlin’s oldest sketch comedy group. The troupe moved seamlessly between goofy R.A.related innuendos, Cookie Monster condom jokes and discourse on the lengths we go to charm a lover, like sending nudes. At many points throughout the show, the subject...

Improv Community Misrepresented in Arts Article

May 8, 2015

To the Editors: We, members of the three improv groups noted in the recent article titled “Community of Improv Performers Grows Tighter,” take issue with not only the content, but also the process by which the piece was written (The Oberlin Review, May 1, 2015). Many individual members felt their personal experiences were not reflected or altogether ignored, and we wish to use this platform to express our discontent with the portrayal of us and our community. First, we would like to call to question the lack of communication between the author and the improv community. At no point were directors of the groups aware an article was in the works. A photographer showed up at a recent Primitive Streak performance withou...

Community of Improv Performers Grows Tighter

Vida Weisblum, Arts Editor

May 1, 2015

Despite rumors of past rivalry between freeform improvisational comedy troupe Primitive Streak and shortform troupe Kid Business, Oberlin's improv community appears to be tighter than ever. Members of the troupes filled the majority of seats at other’s shows this weekend, marking a transition to an even warmer relationship among its members. This weekend alone was a busy one for the trifecta of comedy groups on campus, with improv shows ushering in eager crowds on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. After shortform troupe Kid Business opened the weekend’s program of events on Friday, longform troupe Sunshine Scouts and freeform troupe Primitive Streak held shows on Saturday and Sunday evenings, respectively. College...

Feature Photos: Student Dance Showcase

Vida Weisblum, Arts Editor

April 24, 2015

In the top photo, College senior Noa Fleischacker (left), College junior Luke Burns, College first-year Rachel Ford, College first-year Isabel Levey-Swain and College senior Silvia Sheffield work together to form an impromptu composition. In the bottom photo, aerialist and College sophomore Katharine Geber gracefully suspends herself during a breathtaking trapeze dance performance. The Showcase, held last Friday and Saturday evenings at 8 p.m. in Warner Main Space, included performances from a variety of student dance groups as well as student soloists. Among the night’s popular array of acts were the Rust Belt Rappers, Koreo and Vibe dance groups, whose high energy invigorated the crowd. College sophomore Leah Newman...

Feature Photo: Kid Business

Feature Photo: Kid Business

March 6, 2015

College sophomore Kitty O’Neill bursts out laughing as the short-form improv comedy group Kid Business engages her in a humorous sketch. The group performed its first show of the semester at the Cat in the Cream on Saturday. Kid Business is the first of the three on-campus improv comedy troupes to hold a show this semester and the only troupe not to welcome new members this spring. Oberlin students can look forward to a performance by one of the two long-form troupes, Primitive Streak, this Saturday...

Prospective improvisers participate in games during auditions for Oberlin’s trio of improv troupes. The auditions took place in Warner Gymnasium and spanned the course of three days.

Improv Auditions

September 12, 2014

Oberlin improvisation troupes auditioned roughly 120 aspiring improvisers to find fresh talent for the year. Oberlin is home to one short-form troupe, Kid Business, and two long-form troupes, Primitive Streak and the Sunshine Scouts. Each troupe performs around five shows per semester; Kid Business’s first performance is already scheduled for tonight at the Cat in the Cream. Auditions can be particularly cryptic for prospective improvisers; many know that it is more than theatrical ability the...

Improv Troupes Find Humor in Low Places

Matthew Sprung, Staff Writer

April 18, 2014

Sometimes improv comedy gets weird — but even though this weirdness can turn newcomers off to the genre, it’s also the best part of the show. To kick off the two-day Oberlin College Improv Conference last Friday, three professional improvisation teams performed what could be considered “extra” long-form improvisation, staying on stage continuously for fifty-minute sets at a packed Cat in the Cream. The anticipation that usually draws crowds to this annual conference is the name recognition of the headlining act, the hugely popular group Upright Citizens Brigade, but the two other acts of the night also got their share of laughs — and yes, things got very weird. As the room quieted down, the first of the...

Improv Troupes Concoct Crazy Characters in Joint Performance

Dessane Cassell

October 4, 2013

On Saturday night, Warner Gymnasium’s Studio Two was filled to the brim  students packed in for a double dose of improv. Primitive Streak and Sunshine Scouts, Oberlin’s long-form troupes, treated the audience to a night of appropriately inappropriate comedic spoofs, proving once more that you’re never too old for Mean Girls references or some awkward sexual tension. The 10 members of Primitive Streak bounded through the rows of mismatched chairs, bleachers and couches to take their place on the studio’s main floor at 8 p.m. sharp. In signature improv style, the troupe started things off by soliciting some weird, funny and occasionally gross suggestions from the audience. Settling on the term “metamorphoses” for a ...

Kid Business Packs Hilarity and Physical Comedy into Cat Performance

Lydia Rice

September 13, 2013

Kid Business, the short-form improv group formally known as Obehave, entertained a large crowd at the Cat in the Cream last Friday, Sept. 6. Dressed in an impeccable combination of loud ties and t-shirts, the gang juggled mythological references and phallic jokes with ease, appealing to the intellectually immature and the immature intellectuals in the crowd. Starting fashionably late, the performers, consisting of College seniors Peter D’Auria and Ben Garfinkel, College sophomores Ben Hyams and James Koblenzer, and Conservatory senior Rachel Iba managed to (mostly) succeed in keeping straight faces throughout the absurd situations that their sketches, presented as “games,” placed them in, with the assistance...

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