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“On Second Thought” Promotes Audacity of Innovation

Editorial Board

November 22, 2019

 The audacity of innovation. In the words of Assistant Professor of History and Comparative American Studies Tamika Nunley, this simple yet powerful concept is the driving force behind On Second Thought, an undergraduate research journal she is launching this spring in collaboration with an editorial board of four students. The journal — the only one of its kind at Oberlin — focuses on publishing historical research conducted by Oberlin students.  This initiative is an exciting step forward in highlighting the academic research that Obies in the social sciences and humanities engage with on a daily basis, but don’t have a suitable avenue to express other than through far more rigorous and lengthy honors proj...

Robert Owen.

Robert Owen, Musical Acoustics Professor

April 19, 2019

Robert Owen is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Oberlin. He specializes in gravitational theory, astrophysics, computation, and general relativity. Currently, he is involved in studying black holes in spacetime and working with supercomputer simulations to build codes that mathematically simulate the collisions of black holes. Tightly tied to his interest in physics is his interest in music, instruments, and acoustics. Along with his upper level Physics classes, Owen also teaches Musical Acoustics or...

The Mystery of Things: Artistic Processes at Oberlin

The Mystery of Things: Artistic Processes at Oberlin

February 22, 2019

Many Oberlin students declare two majors that cross disciplines; it’s not uncommon to find people with surprisingly disparate double majors such as Theater and Computer Science or Viola performance and Biology. But what about the students with majors in two different creative fields? How do these students connect their majors through the work they create?  These questions struck me when I realized that my own majors, Dance and Creative Writing, weren’t as independent as I thought. The deeper I ...

Brendan Baylor, assistant professor of art and head of the print media division at Old Dominion University.

Brendan Baylor, Interdisciplinary Artist

March 2, 2018

Brendan Baylor is an interdisciplinary artist whose work in printmaking, digital media, drawing, and installation is fueled by research and conceptual investigation. His Wednesday talk, “Landscapes of Power,” focused on the political ecology of place and several of his recent projects have investigated “extractive industry, settler colonialism, and white supremacy across the upper Midwest and East Coast.” This week, he will be working with Professor Corinne Teed’s reproducible media class. Bay...

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