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Oberlin students and residents vote in Tuesday’s election in the auxiliary gym at Philips gym.

REC Profit to go Toward Sustainable Reserve Program

November 10, 2017

The constituents of Oberlin voted in favor of depositing revenue made through Renewable Energy Credits into a Sustainable Reserve Program in Tuesday’s election. Oberlin earns RECs by utilitzing renewable energy sources to generate electricity, the collection and sale of which has garnered the city more than $2 million in revenue. Issues 16 and 17 on the ballot addressed how to handle this profit made specifically through sustainably generated electricity. Issue 16 would put all money from the...

Students Have Right to Vote in Oberlin Elections

John Petersen, Contributing Writer

November 3, 2017

“Think One Person Can Change The World? So Do We.” This is one of the most successful promotional campaigns Oberlin College has ever run, because the desire to bring about positive change by engaging with the world around us resonates so strongly in our campus community. Students at Oberlin today are part of a proud history of civic engagement. Campus issues, local community issues — not to mention regional, national, and global issues — are among the ways that Oberlin students have made and continue to make a difference. Exercising your right — and I would say responsibility — to vote this coming Tuesday, Nov. 7, is one of the most direct ways students can enact positive change. For those of you who are r...

REC Revenue Should Be Invested in Sustainability

Madeleine Page, Contributing Writer

November 3, 2017

Students should do all that they can to educate themselves before voting in the elections that are coming up this Tuesday, Nov. 7. I care deeply about Issues 16 and 17, which are focused on the City of Oberlin’s Renewable Energy Certificates. These certificates are the equivalent of money that the city has accumulated by using renewable energy, and Issues 16 and 17 will allow the voters of Oberlin to decide how the money will be spent. I am in agreement with many key city environmental figures to vote “YES” on 16 and “NO” on 17, and I support the investment of the money so that it can be used for important future sustainability projects. In short, the city earns RECs by generating electricity from renewable sour...

2017 Candidates and Issues: Local Issues

Carl McDaniel, Linda Slocum, and Tony Mealy

October 27, 2017

To the Editors: The letter from Steve Hammond and John Elder on Sept. 22, 2017 in The Oberlin Review, “Voters Can Correct City Council’s Mistakes,” provides solid reasons for voting “Yes” on City Issue 16 and “No” on City Issue 17. Critical to their recommendations are two letters from city law director, Jon Clark, who responded to questions from the City’s Public Utilities Commission. In response to a request for a legal review of a proposed recommendation to City Council from PUC on the disposition of net Renewable Energy Credits revenues, Clark’s letter from April 13, 2015 stated, “Based on the authority of the decision in Union Ice, I conclude that the City has no legal obligation to electr...

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