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Monique Newton lets out a roar at last winter’s NCAA Division III Indoor Championships. The track and field teams began their season Saturday at the Fifth-Annual Spartan Holiday Classic at Case Western Reserve University. Newton, who won the women’s national championship last season, reclaimed her first-place status with two wins and earned NCAC Field Athlete of the Week.

Women Finish First, Men Second in Track & Field Opener

December 8, 2017

After capturing the North Coast Athletic Conference Indoor and Outdoor Championships for the first time in school history last year, the Yeowomen picked up where they left off last weekend by winning the Fifth-Annual Spartan Holiday Classic at Case Western Reserve University. The men’s team, which was not as dominant as the women’s last year, began their asscent as they finished second in the meet. Monique Newton, Ana Richardson, Naeisha McClain, Jasmine Keegan, Maya English, and Cecelia Longo...

Senior defender Casey McGuire dribbles the ball across the field. After an 8–0 win over Defiance College on Sept. 11, the Yeowomen have a 3–2 record.

Yeowomen Notch Back-to-Back Victories

September 16, 2016

Numerous injuries have not stopped the women’s soccer team from having success. After an 8–0 victory over Defiance College last Sunday, the Yeowomen are currently 3–2 overall. And having outscored its opponents 18–9, the team is optimistic despite less-than-ideal circumstances. “We are injured from head to toe,” said first-year Katie Lucey, a goalkeeper who is currently dealing with a concussion. But the Yeowomen, propelled by a combination of young talent and veteran leadership,...

Criticisms of Hip-Hop Reflect Misconceptions

James Tanford, Contributing Writer

February 27, 2015

I see the small, judgmental glint in my friend’s eye as he looks over my music playlist. Common. The Roots. Kanye West. Joey Bada$$. Lupe Fiasco. Hopsin. Black Star. He’s thinking, he listens to rap? He hands me my phone back, disgusted, and proceeds to lecture me on how this “music” is degrading, unintelligent and how, because I’m white, I shouldn’t really even be listening to it. Um ... excuse me? In five seconds, he just exemplified every misconception people hold about rap: that it is a skill-less mishmash of sex, drugs and misogyny. This is unfair. Hiphop gets a bad rap; at its best, it’s skillful, poetic and politically aware commentary that has messages for everyone. Think it doesn...

Student Hypocrisy Part of Problem, Contributes to Injustice

James Tanford, Contributing Writer

February 13, 2015

I hate receipts. Pure, unadulterated hate. Every year, 250 gallons of oil, 10 million trees and 1 billion gallons of water are wasted in the United States alone to remind people that at 3 a.m. they bought a pack of Skittles and a six-month-old issue of People magazine. I daydream about ways to torture receipts, like holding them dangerously close to a candle until the flames swallow them up. Nothing is more frustrating than the slow degradation of our planet by paper receipts — except that I do nothing about it. Rather than try to incite change, I merely crumple up my receipts and pretend they don’t exist. In fact, I do this with lots of things in my life: I crumple up my problems and throw them away, angry ...

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