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Oberlin Must Embrace New Era of Divestment

Cecilia Wallace, Naomi Roswell, Hayden Arp, Jasper Clarkberg, and Ellie Lezak
March 4, 2016
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To the Editors: It is remarkable to be on a college campus that has three simultaneous divestment campaigns. Students at Oberlin are encouraging the administration to sell its stock holdings in three harmful, unjust industries: fossil fuel extraction and combustion, private prisons and the Israeli...

Free Speech Still in Student Body’s Best Interest

Aaron Pressman, Columnist
December 11, 2015
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On Dec. 4, College junior Jasper Clarkberg wrote a response titled “Non-Black Allies Must Engage With Protest Critics” to my Nov. 6 column in the Review, “Discouraging Dissent Stifles Intellectual Growth.” I appreciate Clarkberg taking the time to respond to such an important issue and would like ...

Non-Black Allies Must Engage With Protest Critics

Jasper Clarkberg, Contributing Writer
December 4, 2015
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On Nov. 6, Aaron Pressman wrote a column accusing “students who make up the majority opinion” of stifling dissent on campus (“Discouraging Dissent Stifles Intellectual Growth,” The Oberlin Review). I have heard this “millennial college students don’t want to debate” criticism from many places recen...

Capitalist Demands Limit Growth

Jasper Clarkberg, Contributing Writer
October 9, 2015
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Last week Student Senate Liaisons College fifth-year Megs Bautista and double-degree junior Jeremy Poe announced the possibility of the Board of Trustees reducing the College’s endowment payout. This move would solidify Oberlin’s overall long-term financial position while gutting its short-term budget....

Board of Trustees Crucial in Next Step for Divestment

Naomi Roswell, Jasper Clarkberg, Ellie Lezak, and Hayden Arp
September 11, 2015
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To the Editors: The opening sentence of the Oberlin College Wikipedia article remarks that we were the first American college to regularly admit black students and women. The words “activism” or “advocacy” appear nine other times on the page in relation to student-led anti-war, civil rights an...

Established 1874.
Jasper Clarkberg