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Rabbi Megan Doherty

Off The Cuff: Rabbi Megan Doherty

April 26, 2019

Rabbi Megan Doherty, director of Hillel and Jewish Campus Life, is approaching the end of her third year at Oberlin. Hillel and Jewish Campus Life build community as well as provide various religious and cultural programs for students and community members, and Rabbi Megan works alongside students to cultivate a welcoming environment for all. She has previously worked at the Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale University and the Mishkan Ha’am Reconstructionist community in New York. Additional...

President Trump Doesn’t Cause Hate, Apathy Does

Ilana Foggle, Columnist

December 7, 2018

Editor’s note: This article contains mention of gun violence and anti-Semitism. It’s Hanukkah time (not to be equated to “Jewish Christmas,” by the way). For many Jews, this is a time full of celebration, sufganiyot, latkes, gifts, gelt, and joy. When I was growing up, Hanukkah was always about family, remembrance, and perseverance. All Jewish people may have different memories about how they celebrated Hanukkah. But, for many, this Hanukkah is different. On Oct. 27, 2018, a gunman entered the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh on Shabbat and shot and killed 11 Jews during their time of worship. When I woke up that morning and saw the news, I began to cry. I cried for my ancestors who survived persecut...

Jewish Trump Voters Have Blood on Their Hands

Daniel Markus, Contributing Writer

November 2, 2018

Editor’s note: This article contains mention of anti-Semitism and gun violence. I have been trying to escape Judaism for a long time. As a child, I hated the services my parents schlepped me along to — they were boring, in a language I didn’t know, and involved a lot of standing. Early in my teens, I braced against my Hebrew school teachers. They all seemed convinced that Israel could not be criticized whatsoever for its violence in retaliation to rocket attacks, no matter how many innocent civilians were killed. Later, in high school, I completely rejected God, identifying passionately as an atheist. When I got to college, though, it was different. Suddenly, knowledge of the Holocaust was not a given, I enco...

Feature Photo: Melodies of the Soul

Feature Photo: Melodies of the Soul

February 19, 2016

Double-degree sophomore Raffi Boden on cello, Conservatory sophomore Max Weiner on bass, double-degree sophomore Theo Rosenfeld on saxophone, Conservatory junior Zoe Cutler on trombone and double-degree senior Emily Kuhn on trumpet perform at the Cat in the Cream. On Tuesday, the Jewish Art Collective hosted Melodies of the Soul: An Explosion of Music, which allowed students to express their spiritual identities through music. The event was based off of nigunim, a Hebrew word for wordles...

College senior Talia Greenberg (left), College sophomore Talia Rodwin, College junior Becky Berenbon, College sophomore Emily Volz, double-degree fifth year Einav Silverstein and College sophomore Simon Regenold share a laugh at Hillel’s Chocolate Seder. The coming week is Religious Life Week, which will include the release of a new report on religious life on campus.

Office of Religious, Spiritual Life Holds New Week of Events

April 3, 2015

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life will host Oberlin’s first ever Religious Life Week from April 3–12. Organizers hope the event will provide a space for students and community members of all faiths to come together, participate in various activities and discuss spiritual life. Additionally, the ORSL plans to reveal the findings of a six-month review process begun last October — a review which focused on evaluating ORSL’s services and identifying current trends that could inform...

Susan Ackerman, Preston H. Kelsey Professor of Religion and professor of Jewish studies and women’s and gender studies at Dartmouth College, who gave a series of talks earlier this week during the Haskell Lecture Series

Off the Cuff: Susan Ackerman, professor of religion, Jewish studies and women’s and gender studies at Dartmouth College

March 13, 2015

Susan Ackerman is the Preston H. Kelsey Professor of Religion as well as a professor in Jewish studies and women’s and gender studies at Dartmouth College. Ackerman is also president of the American Schools of Oriental Research. She spent the past week at Oberlin giving three lectures that made up this year’s Haskell Lecture Series, a prestigious lectureship for the Religion department that was established in 1899. Ackerman has written books about a variety of topics, including When Heroes L...

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