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The Western Reserve Land Conservancy is a prairie located on Hamilton Street, just west of the Oberlin Recreation Complex.

The Western Reserve Land Conservancy, a Haven of Nature and History

September 23, 2020

When I enrolled at Oberlin, I was excited to get out of the city and spend more time outdoors. Growing up in New York City, I never had a backyard or a nearby hiking trail on which to spend my afternoons; I rode the MTA and walked city blocks instead. When I saw an internship available for the Western Reserve Land Conservancy last fall, I quickly applied for the position and soon found myself immersed in everything I love.  My mornings and afternoons — really any time I wasn’t in class or doi...

Oberlin Students’ Volunteering Crucial for Environmental Success

Kate Pilacky, Associate Field Director, Western Reserve Land Conservancy Oberlin Field Office

September 14, 2018

I want to express my sincere thanks to the Bonner Center for Service and Learning, Oberlin College Grounds, and the first-year students and their supervisors for the hard work they put forth for the Day of Service on Sept. 1. Western Reserve Land Conservancy, with assistance from Oberlin College, has been working on the Kahn Woods and, more recently, the Keep Cottage Meadow for several years, restoring and enhancing wildlife habitat and creating an area for students to observe and enjoy nature on campus grounds. On Sept. 1, students and community members planted over 70 native flowering plants to provide habitat for pollinators and add beauty. If you are looking for a nice place to enjoy nature on campus, I encourage y...

Day of Service Benefits Kendal Community

Kate Pilacky, Associate Field Director, Western Reserve Land Conservancy

September 25, 2015

To the Editors: Western Reserve Land Conservancy would like to thank the Bonner Center for Service and Learning and the wonderful group of students who once again worked diligently on the Day of Service. The hardworking students cleared invasive plants and trees on two wooded areas, transforming them to lovely wooded garden areas for folks of all ages to enjoy. These groups of students join a tradition of past Day of Service participants that have made a transforming effect on the two areas — one on campus and one in the community. Residents at Kendal at Oberlin, as well as staff, volunteers from Western Reserve Land Conservancy and past Day of Service students, have worked for several years clearing an area and...

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