Oberlin Students’ Volunteering Crucial for Environmental Success

I want to express my sincere thanks to the Bonner Center for Service and Learning, Oberlin College Grounds, and the first-year students and their supervisors for the hard work they put forth for the Day of Service on Sept. 1. Western Reserve Land Conservancy, with assistance from Oberlin College, has been working on the Kahn Woods and, more recently, the Keep Cottage Meadow for several years, restoring and enhancing wildlife habitat and creating an area for students to observe and enjoy nature on campus grounds. On Sept. 1, students and community members planted over 70 native flowering plants to provide habitat for pollinators and add beauty. If you are looking for a nice place to enjoy nature on campus, I encourage you to visit the wooded area just behind the Kahn Dorm and the beautiful meadow off St. Rt. 58 just north of the Keep Cottage entrance. On most summer days the area is abuzz with flowers, bees, and butterflies.

Because of our interest in preserving and creating habitat for pollinators, which are essential for our North American economies and natural landscapes, Western Reserve Land Conservancy, with the help of Oberlin College, has been working on the Keep Cottage Meadow and also purchasing land and creating the Oberlin South Woods and Prairie on the south side of Oberlin. It is located right off of Hamilton Street near the bike path and the Ramsey Right of Way. The Oberlin College Green Edge Fund helped to fund this 60-acre project. Monarch butterflies are undergoing a long-term population decline and currently are under consideration for federal listing as an endangered species. The Land Conservancy is hopeful that our partnership with Oberlin College, the City of Oberlin, and residents in the community will allow us to work together to promote more awareness and increase habitat for our pollinator friends.

The Land Conservancy is thankful for the help of the students and Oberlin College for the work and tools provided for these College meadow and woodland projects and the Oberlin Prairie. Thanks to the students who nearly doubled the size of the meadow and made the wooded trail more accessible for all to enjoy. Get out and enjoy nature! It is right in your backyard!