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Career Center Supports Entrepreneurship

Taiyo Scanlon-Kimura, Student Engagement Fellow, Career Center

April 7, 2017

To the Editors: I write in response to Katie Lucey’s article last week (“College Lacks Opportunities to Study Business”). As a recent graduate and staff member of the Career Center, I wish to clarify some additional opportunities to study business and entrepreneurship and speak to Lucey’s insight into a fear of failure among students. First, Lucey argues that Oberlin’s lack of major in business or entrepreneurship is a sign of limited opportunities to study these subjects. Oberlin actually created a program 13 years ago to help fill this gap: the Business Scholars program, which trains 12 students in business, finance and leadership fundamentals before sending them to learn firsthand from prominent alumni in ...

College sophomores Imke Hart and Hanna Shykind perform in OSTA’s production of Bright Half Life,
directed by College senior Alex Bernui, which opened yesterday in South Studios and runs through

OSTA’s “Bright Half Life” Explores Intersectional Identities

April 7, 2017

Cascading baubles of multicolored lights and hanging photographs of the cast and crew border the walls of a cozy South Hall studio, creating an intimate setting for Bright Half Life, an Oberlin Student Theater Association production exploring the trials of love. The non-linear narrative is centered around an interracial lesbian couple’s nearly 50-year relationship, jumping between milestones like their first breakup, first child and first date as well as smaller, quiet moments that capture th...

College Lacks Opportunities to Study Business

Katie Lucey, Contributing Writer

March 31, 2017

Oberlin describes itself as an institution with “longstanding commitments to access, diversity, and inclusion,” according to its website. However, what Oberlin achieves in terms of commitment to social improvement, it lacks in academic paths for students who want to pursue a career in business or entrepreneurship. Though there are a few classes for students to explore their interests in business offered within the Economics department such as Principles of Accounting, there is no official major in business or entrepreneurship. While Oberlin is a liberal arts school and should remain committed to offering a broad, comprehensive education, it can go a long way in providing course offerings that support students...

Museums Lack Accessibility

Katie Lucey, Contributing Writer

March 3, 2017

In art museums around the world, one warning sign is ubiquitous in every gallery: “Please do not touch the art.” But what if a visitor’s sense of touch is the best way for them to interact with art? Institutions of culture and learning should offer programs that encourage a physical relationship between the viewer and the artwork —if not for all visitors, then certainly for blind and low-vision patrons. Most museums center their exhibitions and educational programming around nondisabled people. What most people tend to do at museums —that is, look at art —can be a difficult and sometimes impossible task for visitors with sensory disabilities. Traditional museum practices, like tours that require visitor...

College senior Sarah Chatta performs at Slow Train
for Love in Many Tongues, a multilingual poetry
reading organized each year by the Oberlin Center
for Languages and Cultures to celebrate Valentine’s

Slow Train Hosts Romantic Annual Multilingual Poetry Event

February 17, 2017

Some say that love is a universal language. This idea was explored Monday evening at Love in Many Tongues, a multilingual poetry reading at Slow Train Cafe. The Oberlin Center for Languages and Cultures organizes Love in Many Tongues each year as a way to promote the dozen languages offered at Oberlin — as well as others not offered — while simultaneously celebrating Valentine’s Day. Oberlin students, faculty and community members read poems and sang songs in a wide array of languages — r...

The Oberlin Heritage Center’s Freedom’s Friends: Underground Railroad and Abolition History Walk, an interactive tour of Oberlin’s
Black history, is free through February in celebration of Black History Month.

Oberlin Heritage Center Unveils Self-Led Tablet Tours

February 10, 2017

Students and community members looking to celebrate Black History Month should consider the Oberlin Heritage Center, which is offering a free, digitized version of its walking tour, Freedom’s Friends: Underground Railroad and Abolitionist History Walk, throughout the month of February. Visitors to the Monroe House, located on West Vine Street, can borrow tablets preloaded with the tour for the day. These tablets allow users to explore Oberlin’s ties to the Underground Railroad and slaves’ journeys...

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