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Community Should Reflect Upon History of College Spaces

Kameron Dunbar, Columnist

March 9, 2018

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Editor’s Note: This article contains mentions of sexual assault. I walk into North Hall every day. Most days, I forget that the official building name is “Langston Hall,” in honor of John Mercer Langston. That name may not be familiar to many, but this one may be: James Mercer Langston Hughes. Yes, that Langston Hughes. Langston Hughes was the grandson of Charles Henry Langston. Charles Henry Langston and his brother Gideon were the first two Black students admitted to Oberlin College. Charles and Gideon were John’s older brothers. John Mercer Langston was Langston Hughes’ great uncle. While John Mercer Langston’s name may not carry much global recognition, his life is a vital piece of Oberlin College’s ...

Review Security Notebook

April 8, 2016

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Thursday, March 31 12 p.m. A student reported the theft of their locked bicycle from the north side of Asia House. The bicycle is a black, 18-speed K2 Enemy. Friday, April 1
 9:58 p.m. Officers and members of the Oberlin Fire Department responded to a fire alarm on the second floor of Harkness House. Smoke from burning incense activated the alarm, which was then reset. 9:33 a.m. Facilities staff reported damage to the roof of Severance Hall. A roofing company discovered approximately 50 clay tiles damaged, estimating approximately $3,000 in repairs. Saturday, April 2
 11:22 a.m. Residents of Keep Cottage reported a break-in after an unknown person or persons broke a window and tore a screen on the east side of the ...

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