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KHC Continues To Operate After OSCA Separation

Rachel Sacks

September 27, 2013

Although there was considerable dissent from KHC members when they discovered last semester that KHC would no longer be an OSCA member, some are now able to find a silver lining to the departure. “I think it was ultimately good because the co-op wanted out last year,” said Samia Mansour OC ’10, the Senior Jewish Life Intern. “In the past there have been continuous issues with the way that kashrut interacts with OSCA policies, and that was a big part of the issue last year. The OSCA health inspector wanted to be able to have access to the co-op anytime they wanted to get in the space, with or without someone from Kosher-Halal being there, which compromises the integrity of kashrut.” KHC is no longer sup...


Duncan Standish, Staff Writer

April 5, 2013

After more than 20 years in collaboration, the board of directors of the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association has decided to end Kosher Halal Co-op’s membership in the organization. Beginning next fall, KHC will only affiliate with OSCA through OSCA promotional materials and emails to students on the co-op wait list. The decision comes after nearly two months of intense deliberation, confusion and controversy, including allegations of pervasive anti-Semitism within OSCA. The Board notified OSCA members in an email sent on March 18 that “the board of directors has come to consensus to direct the rent contract negotiation team to remove Kosher Halal Co-op from OSCA.” Three days later, individuals directly...

OSCA’s Decision To Kick Out Kosher-Halal Co-op Upsetting, Disappointing

Hannah Seidel

April 5, 2013

On March 17, the OSCA Board of Directors decided to remove Kosher-Halal Co-op from the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association. As a member of both organizations, I am deeply ashamed of OSCA for this decision. I am disappointed, I am upset, and I am angry. I am ashamed because throughout this process, the OSCA Board and General Management Team have been uncooperative and dishonest to their membership. This important decision should have been made by OSCA as a whole, because democratic member control — one member, one vote — is one of the core principles on which OSCA was founded. However, because the Board met in confidential “Executive Sessions,” behind closed doors (perhaps “under the table” would be...

Kosher Halal Co-op Vital to OSCA, Oberlin Community

Eva Sachs, Contributing Writer

March 1, 2013

Imagine Oberlin without vegan dining options. Or without vegetarian options. What if vegans and vegetarians were required to undergo regular review of their eating habits? Given our student body, the results would be rather disquieting, and no doubt garner more than a little protest. And yet, when the Kosher Halal Co-op, which caters to the dietary needs of Jewish and Muslim students, faces similar obstacles, there is very little noise made about it. The Oberlin Student Cooperative Association, of which KHC is a member, recently informed KHC that they wish to reinstate a long-unenforced policy “that the relationship between OSCA and KHC will be reviewed annually” — an extra ordeal that no other Oberlin co-op...

Tension in KHC Membership Review

Duncan Standish

March 1, 2013

The Oberlin Student Cooperative Association’s board of directors is currently in the process of reviewing Kosher-Halal Co-op’s membership in the organization. The assessment was spurred by a policy conflict over OSCA kitchen inspection and food-buying policies. While the OSCA general management team wants 24-hour access to Kosher-Halal Co-op’s kitchens and wants the co-op to purchase its food through a central buyer, members of the co-op say these policies conflict with kashrut, the guidelines that comprise Jewish dietary law. The OSCA board has talked with the College administration about handing over operations of KHC to the College and Oberlin Campus Dining Services if a compromise cannot be reached. As...

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