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In Spite of Controversy, Massive Crowd Gathers for Toxicity

In Spite of Controversy, Massive Crowd Gathers for Toxicity

May 9, 2014

Solarity’s latest event, Toxicity, generated nearly as much energy as a nuclear power plant. Despite the controversy surrounding the event concerning its name, hundreds of students flocked to Wilder Bowl last Friday night to see student artwork and dance the night away. The display seemed a far cry from the advertised “wasteland,” with only a few decorated trashcans conveying the nuclear wasteland theme. With blinking lights hung from the trees and the Solarity members’ glowing costumes,...

Intense, Energetic Pieces Drive Koreo Showcase

Intense, Energetic Pieces Drive Koreo Showcase

May 2, 2014

The crowd in the Cat in the Cream got everything it wanted at the Koreo showcase last Wednesday, from heavy beats to heart-wrenching poetry. Koreo, Oberlin’s co-ed hip-hop fusion dance troupe, collaborated with fellow hip-hop student performers for a fun and exhilarating show featuring not only dance, but spoken word, beat-boxing and music as well. The show kicked off with a dance duet by College juniors Lingyu (Mini) Zhang and Chelsea Cross set to the music of Kill the Noise, Until the Ribbon...

Colors of Rhythm Celebrates Global Arts

Jarrett Hoffman, Staff Writer

April 12, 2013

Filed under ARTS, Dance

Celebrating diversity through performance art was the essence of Oberlin’s 17th annual Colors of Rhythm performance, held April 5 at Finney Chapel. The program was made up of 10 acts, each representing a different marginalized cultural group represented at Oberlin. In line with the history of CoR, dance was the most prominent art form on the program. Particularly impressive for their liveliness and synchronicity were the Umoja Steppers and Students of Caribbean Ancestry. The Steppers even took a cheeky moment onstage to challenge a previous criticism published in The Oberlin Review that they “didn’t practice enough.” Their strong performance certainly spoke to their preparation. While dancing dominated the sh...

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