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Thanks to WITS, Poetry Inspires, Empowers at Langston Middle School

Victoria Garber, Arts Editor

December 2, 2016

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Anticipatory conversation hummed in the Cat in the Cream Tuesday evening as a full audience awaited the start of the annual poetry reading by Langston Middle School students. The event serves as the culmination of the Writers-in-the-Schools program every fall semester, during which the students of C...

City’s School Board to Consider Consolidation

City’s School Board to Consider Consolidation

Jack Brewster

September 30, 2016

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The City’s public schools are all over 50-years old and in substantial need of repair, forcing the Oberlin Public School board to consider a multitude of plans to revamp the run-down buildings, including even tearing down a few schools. In the coming months, the board will put together a comm...

WITS Poetry Residencies Expand

WITS Poetry Residencies Expand

Louise Edwards, Arts Editor

December 4, 2015

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Seventh-grader Leo Carter read his poem “Sequoia Trees” at the Langston Middle School poetry reading and book launch at the Cat in the Cream Monday. “So tall, it looks like they could / shishkabob the sky. So wide, / the shadow is like an eclipse / over the ground,” Carter read. His poem, part...

Established 1874.
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