The Oberlin Review

Lever Press Represents Lever for Change

Editorial Board

October 4, 2019

 The current generation of college students faces many existential challenges. For good reason, the fight against climate change has recently received significant attention in the national media and in this publication, but it is not the sole crisis that we must contend with. Another fight that has intensified in recent years is the one over access to information, particularly as threats to net neutrality and sources of publicly available information have mounted. For many colleges and universities around the country, October is Open Access Month. In recognition of this occasion, the Review chose to spotlight Lever Press, an important digital scholarship initiative led by a consortium of liberal arts colleges, inc...

Lever Press Seeks to Promote Accessible Digital Scholarship

Nathan Carpenter, Editor-in-Chief

October 4, 2019

A group of 57 colleges and universities spread throughout the country have collaborated to create Lever Press, an open-access publishing platform that aims to make high-quality, liberal arts-focused digital scholarship more accessible. Oberlin College is among the press’ partner institutions and Azariah Smith Root Director of Libraries Alexia Hudson-Ward sits on the oversight committee. To date, Lever Press has released four books, with several more on the horizon — the press recently released a catalog revealing a number of titles slated for publication in 2020. According to Hudson-Ward, Lever Press was originally envisioned a few years ago by a group of 80 library directors from selective liberal arts colleges....

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