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Conservative Rural Stereotype Diverts Attention from Urban, Liberal Racism

Kiley Petersen, Opinions Editor

May 1, 2015

“White people are racist. Not all of them. But white culture is. Our white country is. Our nation is. Our American culture is full of white supremacy. We live in a white supremacist culture that caters to white people, [where everything from] the media to education to art to culture to politics is white-washed. What is not white-washed? ... This country was built for white people.” You might expect the above quote to have come from an article on the basics of white supremacy from the blog Black Girl Dangerous, or from a short on the Baltimore uprising from The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central. So the face of white, middle-aged, self-described “fat redneck” Dixon White, staring out from an Apr...

Liberal Professors Promote Anti-Right Propaganda

Wayne Lela, Concerned citizen

April 24, 2015

To the Editors: The controversy surrounding the appearance by speaker Christina Hoff Sommers brought to mind a relatively old (1991) quote from a well-known liberal attorney, author and professor named Alan Dershowitz, who back then was so disturbed by the lack of respect for free speech in certain liberal circles he’s on record as saying: “Political correctness is the most serious issue on college campuses. We are tolerating, and teaching, intolerance and hypocrisy” ( James Warren, “Drawing Laughs,” Chicago Tribune, April 14, 1991). Things didn’t change much from 1991 by 2005. Indeed, the intolerance of the ever-so-trendy “politically correct” crowd just seemed to have gotten worse (power may ha...

Fervent Progressivism Blocks Other Views

Chloe Vassot, Contributing Writer

February 20, 2015

The Oberlin College community is almost notorious for its open embrace of views that lie largely outside the mainstream American political culture. Students are known as extremely accepting of people and opinions that would be ostracized elsewhere, giving Oberlin a reputation of “open-mindedness.” But unfortunately for a minority of students on campus, the “open-mindedness” of the community goes only one way: toward a rejection of unpopular views in favor of unwavering adherence to the political left. This was something that attracted me to Oberlin — coming from a community almost as well known for its conservatism as Oberlin is for its liberalism, I looked forward to finally being around people who agreed...

Papal Support for LGBTQ Issues, Evolution Misleading

Kiley Petersen, Opinions Editor

February 20, 2015

As a former Catholic, I can tell you that the pope is a big deal. He’s the head honcho, second only to Jesus, in modern Catholics’ “What Would _____ Do.” So what the pope chooses to endorse or to condemn is a sign of what direction the mainstream church is heading. I grew up in a liberal African-American parish in St. Paul, MN. So while more conservative white Catholic churches were solemnly singing along to an organ and sending white savior mission trips off to less- privileged nations, we clapped our way through gospel songs, danced in the aisles and had much more enjoyable Sundays than any other Christians I knew growing up. In an environment that so heavily immersed me in African- American and African...

Sachs Convocation Exemplifies Biased, Neoliberal Agenda

Ana Patricia Robelo, Megan Gisela Bautista, and Gian-Carlo Toriano Parel

October 31, 2014

Dear President Marvin Krislov: We are three of the students who helped organize a direct action in opposition to the convocation that took place on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014. We cannot speak for everyone who organized, participated or wanted to but were not able to engage in the action, but we — speaking only for ourselves — were disappointed yet unsurprised that economist Dr. Jeffrey Sachs was invited to speak to share his research on global sustainability on Wednesday evening. Furthermore, we feel that the administration failed to report a transparent characterization of this speaker to the community, especially considering Sachs’s role as a major foreign economic advisor to transitioning nations in the 1980s...

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