The Oberlin Review

Johnson-Weld Ticket Offers Experienced Leadership

Brandon Bobbitt, Oberlin resident

September 16, 2016

To the Editors: For loyal Democrats and Republicans, there appear to be cruel choices to be made this fall, especially in the presidential race. Each of the major-party nominees is deeply flawed, and in a variety of ways. Do not assume for a minute, however, that voters will have only these two choices. There is an actual alternative at hand: the Libertarians. As your readers may know, former New Mexico two-term Governor Gary Johnson is the Libertarian nominee for president. Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, who also served two terms, is his vice-presidential nominee. Each of them has more elected executive experience than either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. In fact, even if you combined their experience, ...

Off the Cuff: Lee Doren, “Crasher-in-Chief”

Ian Seeley and Sam Jewler

December 4, 2009

So, you had no hesitation coming to Oberlin? No, not one bit. I really enjoy speaking to students because I had very similar experiences, obviously. You can tell I’m not that much older than all of you. Do you have any personal experience with [professors using their classrooms to promote their political views]? [In my college experience] you only heard one political perspective in the classroom. If you heard the other side, it was only essentially used to ridicule it. It wasn’t really used to ... explain the alternative point of view. Do you think this is systematic or more unintentional? It is unintentional for a lot of professors. ... If those professors are always seeing themselves, you know, in their o...

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