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Lever Press Seeks to Promote Accessible Digital Scholarship

Nathan Carpenter, Editor-in-Chief

October 4, 2019

A group of 57 colleges and universities spread throughout the country have collaborated to create Lever Press, an open-access publishing platform that aims to make high-quality, liberal arts-focused digital scholarship more accessible. Oberlin College is among the press’ partner institutions and Azariah Smith Root Director of Libraries Alexia Hudson-Ward sits on the oversight committee. To date, Lever Press has released four books, with several more on the horizon — the press recently released a catalog revealing a number of titles slated for publication in 2020. According to Hudson-Ward, Lever Press was originally envisioned a few years ago by a group of 80 library directors from selective liberal arts colleges....

Oberlin Selects New Director of Libraries

April 1, 2016

Oberlin will officially welcome Alexia Hudson-Ward as the new Azariah Smith Root Director of Libraries on July 1, but she has already received warm greetings from students, faculty and staff. “Ms. Hudson-Ward’s vision for the college library system, broad professional experience and enthusiasm were unmatched in a very competitive pool of candidates,” Associate Dean Pablo Mitchell, chair of the library director search committee, wrote in an email to the Review. “As library director, she is g...

College senior Miranda Rutherford studies in the Science Library. Last semester, Tim Elgren, the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, asked science faculty if a section of the Science Library could be better
used as classroom space.

Administration Mulls Over Library Future, Budgeting Process

March 13, 2015

Discussions about the future of the Oberlin College library system are in full swing as the Strategic Planning Steering Committee makes long-term decisions for the institution as a whole. According to members of the Library Committee, the administration may also be considering possible changes to the library system’s budgeting process, although it’s unclear what those changes would actually entail. “The faculty Library Committee has heard of a change in budgeting approaches on the administrative...

Just Ask Us: National Library Day

Jolie De Feis and Mike Plotz

November 21, 2014

This article is a little sentimental for us because it is how this whole column began. One day, early in the semester, before the temperature with wind chill was negative 6 degrees and the albino squirrels were still alive, Mike was sitting in the Charles W. McCandless Main Level of Mudd library (in the area commonly known as the Robert Lemle ’75 and Roni Kohen-Lemle ’76 Academic Commons) and thinking about how amazing it was. It was then that Mike bumped into Jolie — you could say it was fate — and together they began to Marvel© at Mudd, and then at the idea of libraries in general. We are of the opinion that libraries are grossly underrated, and we’re here to show you why you should never take the Seeley...

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