The Oberlin Review

Low-Income Students Tokenized for Oberlin Students’ Benefits

Laura Franco Zapata, Contributing Writer

September 21, 2018

As my fourth and final year of college starts, I’ve been thinking about my time at Oberlin and how blessed I am to have made it this far, as what academia deems an “at-risk” student. Being a low-income and first-generation college student has made my experience at Oberlin differ hugely from that of my affluent peers. Sadly, identities such as low-income are not often talked about, leaving students like myself feeling lonely and misunderstood in a school known to have a generally close-knit community. Perhaps we don’t talk about these issues because the number of low-income students at Oberlin is ridiculously small, or maybe most students just don’t understand what it is like to go through life with worries...

300-Meal Plan Scams First-Years Out of Tuition, Meals

Ilana Foggle, Contributing Writer

March 2, 2018

On April 21, 2017, I came to “All Roads Lead to Oberlin” after putting down my deposit for Oberlin a week earlier. I wanted to meet fellow incoming Obies, learn more about my home for the next four years, and convince my dad that, contrary to popular belief, going to Oberlin would not make me turn into an elitist hipster. After an early morning flight, my dad and I trudged onto campus. I was wide-eyed, excited, and eager to commence the next chapter of my life. We started the day with a speech from Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Tim Elgren. He talked about his hopes and dreams for our incoming class and what made Oberlin so unique. In the middle of his speech, at least a dozen Oberlin students barged throug...

We Should Question the Term ‘Low-Income Student’

Aliza Weidenbaum, Oberlin resident

February 5, 2016

To the Editors: Certainly, it makes sense to provide immediate money for student necessities — from travel tickets for international study to cash for Oberlin Winter Term groceries. Since no student can control the womb nor circumstances from which they come, let’s think twice before using the term “low-income students.” No student is three-fifths of a human being, as slaves were once considered. Let’s continue to reject the notion that children and young adults be classified by family financial status. Let’s continue to reject notions of financial segregation. Let’s not feed immoral ideas; let’s feed the language of equality and the language of human wholeness. This moral principle should drive ...

Student Senator and College sophomore Anjali Kolachalam speaks at plenary on Sunday. Senate,
Dean of Students Eric Estes and the Board of Trustees have worked together to start a new Student
Support Fund for small grants for low-income students.

New Fund Supports Low-Income Students

December 12, 2015

A new fund to support students without the means necessary to front certain financial needs, such as fixing broken technology or paying for groceries over break, launched late last week. Dean of Students Eric Estes sent out an email last Friday announcing the creation of a new $35,000-per-year Student Support Fund that will go toward financing students with specific needs that are not met by other current funds. The fund has provided financial assistance to 10 students over the past week, and will be...

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