The Oberlin Review

Sachs Touts Distorted Realities, Childish Arguments

Lucille Eleanor Nguyen

April 13, 2018

Howard Sachs’ article, “American College System Destroys Real Liberalism,” (The Oberlin Review, April 6, 2018) challenges the widely held opinions on this campus and the general state of higher education, attacking what they deem as the “child-like value system” of leftism. This is a controversial opinion, and I applaud Sachs for attempting to make their case. However, the author’s argument is unendingly naive, childish, and condescending to a point where it both undermines their case and completely distorts constitutional conservatism. I have grown to respect the scholarship of constitutional conservatives after much reading and deliberation. Scholars like Kori Schake, the deputy director general of the Int...

Mass Shootings Prove More Complex Than Proposed Solutions

Lucille Eleanor Nguyen, Contributing Writer

February 23, 2018

Like every other American, I was shocked and horrified to hear the news that 17 people had been killed in yet another mass shooting. The stories of the brave people at Marjory Stoneman High School who gave their lives to save others — like Peter Wang, only 15 years old, who was killed holding open the door so that his fellow students could escape to safety — are a testament to the indomitable human spirit that persists in even the worst of circumstances. They deserve our memory, our respect, and our action. Something should be done. Something needs to be done. Something has to be done. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that the legislative proposals that are being put forward today by our representatives would even b...

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