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Seniors celebrate at Senior ’Sco Night, an event sponsored by the Senior ClassCouncil.

Senior ’Sco Night Raises Funds for Undocumented Student Fund

November 30, 2018

Editor’s note: Senior Class President Ify Ezimora works for the Review as Sports Editor. The second Vice President and head of the event planning committee Jenna Gyimesi is News Editor. Oberlin’s Senior Class Council kicked off their celebrations Thursday evening with Senior ’Sco Night in Wilder Hall. The event featured senior DJs and a fundraiser for the Undocumented Student Scholarship Program. “Senior ’Sco Night [was] a chance for seniors to get drunk on free alcohol, have fun...

The Glass Menagerie, directed by College senior Alex Kohn, explores themes of family dissonance and fragility — notably, Oberlin’s production modernized representations of disability and gender that are a prominent theme in the play.

“The Glass Menagerie” Set to Open Next Weekend

November 9, 2018

Glass is fragile, and yet — when it shatters — it cuts deep and leaves behind scars that often refuse to fade with time. Glass allows us to see through walls and reflect on our appearances, but also distorts light and inhibits us from truly seeing things as they are. Memory works in much the same way: Sometimes we remember most vividly not the truth, but rather an amalgamation of events and our associated emotions. Such is the setup of The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, the Oberlin...

Alan Jones

Alan Jones, Fourth Meal Cashier

September 21, 2018

Alan Jones, 56, is a Campus Dining Services employee who works as a cashier and server at Oberlin’s Fourth Meal from 10–11:30 p.m. in the Rathskeller. Better known as “DJ Al,” Jones is known around campus for his catchy playlists and welcoming attitude. For many students, Jones is a staple of Oberlin’s dining scene. Jones is from Lorain, Ohio, and has been working at Oberlin on and off for years. Last year, he had the opportunity to appear on Wheel of Fortune during the show’s Veteran...

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