The Oberlin Review

On the Record with Douglas McKenna

September 29, 2017

Douglas McKenna is a mathematician, computer scientist, and software engineer. On Tuesday afternoon, he gave a talk titled, “The Art of Hamiltonian Motifs: Generalized Hilbert Curves with Linear, Self-Similar, Fractal, or Space-Filling Boundaries.” McKenna received degrees from Yale University, and has been creating mathematical and fractal art both with a computer and by hand since the 1970s. He contributed illustrations to Benoit Mandelbrot’s book The Fractal Geometry of Nature, and his d...

Banchoff on Dali, the Fourth Dimension

Alex Howard, News Editor

February 24, 2012

In his lecture “The 4th Dimension and Salvador Dalí” on Monday night, Thomas Banchoff, professor of mathematics at Brown University, shared his experiences exploring the fourth dimension through the hypercube and how this led him to become great friends with artist Salvador Dalí. “The fourth dimension is my favorite mathematical, geometric subject. Salvador Dalí is the most unusual person I’ve ever met,” said Banchoff to open his lecture. Banchoff has been a professor at Brown for 25 years, and he specializes in differential geometry and topology of the third and fourth dimensions. Banchoff has taught a course every few years since he started teaching at Brown called “Exploring the Fourth Dimension.” Banchoff...

Professor Finds Math Description Problematic

Manish Mehta

March 18, 2011

To the Editors: In classical antiquity, a study of the artes liberales consisted of seven subjects. Grammar, logic and rhetoric comprised the core, the trivium, and arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music the remainder, the quadrivium. This framework still casts a shadow on modern higher learning, but sadly not the Review. While browsing the weekly calendar spread last week, I was startled to read your announcement for the Fuzzy Vance Lecture Series. Following the particulars, your annotation said, “If you’re one of those people who are actually into/excell at math, this is for you, you odd little demographic.” Can you imagine applying the same language to any other announcement in that spread? I challe...

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