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Despite Legalization, Medical Marijuana Faces Hurdles

Alexa Stevens

September 6, 2019

Sunday will mark the third anniversary of the legalization of medical marijuana in Ohio. On Sept. 8, 2016, Ohio House Bill 523 went into effect, allowing those with specific medical conditions to purchase marijuana with the recommendation of a licensed physician. Since the passage of the bill, the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program granted licenses to two medical marijuana dispensaries in Lorain County, Rise and Clubhouse Dispensary, both of which are still active. However, Oberlin native and Lorain County resident John Pardee is one of many who believe that — three years later — medical marijuana still isn’t accessible enough. “[The system] needs a lot of work,” Pardee said. “It has a long way to ...

Increasing Medical Marijuana Accessibility Would Help Fight Opioid Epidemic

Editorial Board

April 6, 2018

President Trump gave a speech on March 29 in Richfield, Ohio, that, among other topics, tapped into a conversation which hits home for many Ohioans: opioid addiction. As of December 2016, Ohio’s opioid-related death rate of 39 percent was second only to that of West Virginia. Out of the 4,329 general drug overdose deaths in Ohio in 2016, 83 percent of these deaths were opioid-related. Despite numerous attempts at lowering this death rate through policy, nothing seems to work. Trump’s audience, mainly union engineers and maintenance workers, and the setting, an industrial barn, were carefully chosen; his words, less so. One topic that he failed to mention — as most legislators have failed to as well — is the po...

Marijuana Company Granted License to Grow in Oberlin

Jack Brewster, Staff Writer

November 10, 2017

The Ohio Department of Commerce approved a license last Friday for Ascension BioMedical LLC, a medical marijuana company, to build a facility in the Oberlin Industrial Park. The approval makes it one of the few cities in Ohio — and the only in Lorain County — to grow medical marijuana. City Councilmember Kelley Singleton has advocated for medical marijuana growers to settle in Oberlin since this spring, arguing that the medicinal marijuana industry would bring economic benefits. “I think it’s a great victory for the city of Oberlin,” Singleton said. “This will provide some good paying jobs and some much-needed tax revenue.” Fadi Boumitri, the owner of Ascension Biomedical, said he chose Oberlin...

City Council is considering a plot of land on the corner of East Lorain Street and Oberlin Road as a potential location for medical marijuana businesses. After Ohio authorized the commercialization of the drug for medical purposes last fall, council is discussing benefits to the local

Council Mulls Bringing Medical Marijuana to Town

April 14, 2017

City Council is considering bringing the medical marijuana industry to Oberlin in hopes of revitalizing the local economy. Councilmembers in favor of a resolution allowing manufacturers and distributors to set up camp in town are hopeful that others will get on board with the proposal. A law passed in Columbus last fall legalized medical marijuana in Ohio, making it available to patients with 23 specific conditions including HIV and AIDS, spinal cord disease and injury, Crohn’s disease and posttraum...

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